GOP Operative Who Sought Clinton’s Emails Committed Suicide

GOP Operative Who Sought Clinton’s Emails Committed Suicide

More fodder for the Trump-Russian theorists.

According to records acquired by the Chicago Tribune, a Republican Party operative who said he tried to obtain Hillary Clinton’s emails from Russian hackers committed suicide. More specifically he supposedly took his life days after speaking to The Wall Street Journal.

For me, this amounts pretty much to “I knew this dude who had an uncle whose cousin told me that her friend married a guy who said.”

Peter W. Smith, an 81-year-old GOP donor from Chicago, was found dead in a Rochester, Minnesota hotel room on May 14. And typically, this story would have absolutely no coverage. However, we live in the time of the fake news leftist narrative trying to tie Donald Trump to the Russians.

Media outlets described Smith as “a longtime opposition researcher for the GOP.” And in that capacity, Smith allegedly “mounted an independent campaign to obtain emails he believed were stolen by Hillary Clinton’s private server, likely by Russian hackers.”

Now the story gets tricky.

According to the Journal, Smith implied he was working with Gen. Michael Flynn, then a senior adviser to then-candidate Donald Trump.

So which is it? Was he independent or working for Flynn?

Fox News reported,

Smith said he had created a team to find the emails that might have been stolen by hackers during Clinton’s tenure as U.S. Secretary of State, although the Journal reported Smith was focused on obtaining the 30,000 emails Clinton claimed she deleted because they were personal.

In Smith’s hotel room, he left a “statement police called a suicide note in which he said he was in ill health and a life insurance policy was expiring,” the Tribune reported.

His death, which a police chief called “unusual,” had been recorded as “asphyxiation due to the displacement of oxygen in a confined space with helium.” Smith was found with a bag over his head and a helium source attached.

According to the Tribune, Smith wrote two blog posts before his death: one challenging the U.S. intelligence community’s findings that Russia interfered in the 2016 election and another “predicting” that “the Russian interference story will die of its own weight.”

Now I’m really confused.

Was Smith trying to work with the Russians? Because if he knew the Russian narrative was bogus, why would he bother?

The value of the emails was exposing how crooked the Clintons are. Further the emails exposed how their crooked foundation was “ground zero” for their shenanigans. So the fact that he died with a bag over his head points the fingers at the Clintons, not Trump. Everybody knows when a person dies a suspicious death, the Clinton plane was on the tarmac nearby.

Let’s see if the fake news media tries to make this story grow legs. If it does, let me save you the suspense; the man is not connected to Donald Trump or any of Trump’s former or present “satellites.” But don’t be surprised to learn that somebody related to the Clintons paid him a visit. His last visit.



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