ISIS Losing BIGLY: Militants THROWN from Buildings by Iraqi Army

ISIS Losing BIGLY: Militants THROWN from Buildings by Iraqi Army

I can only imagine the desperation Iraqi citizens felt under Saddam Hussein.

When freed from the oppression of a murderous dictator, they then found themselves at the mercy of yet another terror group, ISIS.

Though war is hell, I am willing to fight against either of those aforementioned evils. And make no mistake about it, I would fight in the most brutal way.

War is hell for a reason. It’s meant to deter anybody from wanting to do it. So expect that atrocities will occur. Admittedly, I would turn a blind eye to most of it. I know the outcome of not demonstrating the worst part of my nature at those who would attack me. And though in times of peace, my mind has trouble conjuring even the slightest brutality, I know it lurks within me.

Unfortunately, I see the brutality of those who would do us harm. ISIS and other Islamic terror groups proudly showcase their inhumanity to levels unimaginable otherwise. But leftists only care about that brutality in one direction. Thus as the Daily Mail reports,

There have been reports by human rights groups that some Iraqi government troops are guilty of torture and execution in the war against ISIS.

One man, Falah Aziz, claimed to have beheaded 50 ISIS fighters and stressed he was completely ‘at ease’ doing so.

The video of the man being thrown from the cliff, which was posted to the Mosul Eye blog yesterday, comes just days after a US-backed coalition of Iraqi forces announced it had freed Mosul, the city in which ISIS proclaimed its caliphate in 2014.

Now the Iraqi government is investigating a video from their troops.

In the video, men in army uniforms throw a pleading ISIS fighter off a cliff before shooting him.

Soldiers approach the panicked man, who is taunted and beaten by several men. The captive is then forced to a precipice, then hurled onto the motionless body of another man below.

What the video won’t show you is the brutality of the ISIS terrorist prior to his capture. Leftists wholly ignore the brutality of the real criminal. Because as we know, the brutality of Islam doesn’t fit the narrative.

As for the method of execution by what might be Iraqi soldiers, it is the same execution method used by ISIS. I’m sure they love the irony, having found their comrade dead in identical fashion.

But ISIS doesn’t just kill that way in war, they kill that way for any number of reasons. We’ve chronicled gays being thrown from buildings. Where are the bleeding-heart leftists then?

According to the BBC, an interior ministry spokesman said that if the video – purportedly filmed in recently-liberated Mosul – was genuine then the soldiers involved will be brought to justice.

How many ISIS killers will be “brought to justice?”

The only justice they will see is a 7.62mm bullet shot by somebody who loves his way of life more than that Islamic bully.

I’m human. I understand how a person could feel sorry for these men given what is about to happen to them. But what of their crimes? These people kill innocent men, women, and children daily. They have driven 65 million people from their homelands, and vow to install a worldwide caliphate. I have no sympathy for them.

They claim that meeting Allah is their goal. Yet, when the time comes, they die like pansies.

Leftists need to leave war and the rules of war to warriors, not bureaucrats. ISIS and other terror groups are empowered by leftism. They mock our rules of engagement, knowing these rules weaken our cause.

I tell you now and forever, there are NO rules when fighting for your life. Because the guy with rules dies.



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