ALERT: President Trump to FIRE Special Counsel Mueller?

ALERT: President Trump to FIRE Special Counsel Mueller?

Robert Mueller should have already been fired.

In the wake of all the new information uncovered since President Trump rightfully fired former FBI Director James Comey, Mueller should have wrapped up this investigation long ago.

And if the investigation were rightfully over, at the very least the Clinton family, Barack Obama, almost all Clinton State Department employees, and a few straggler leftists would all be in prison.

Yet nobody is in prison, and the witch hunt continues. Well, it may soon be over.

As The Daily Caller reported:

A legal news site published an article Friday stating that special counsel Robert Mueller will not last another 100 days.

LawNewz, a publication founded by ABC News anchor Dan Abrams, surmised that President Donald Trump would find a way to have Mueller removed. Trump has described the Russia investigation as a “witch hunt,” in addition to calling media coverage “fake news,” indicating that the collusion accusations have hit a personal note.

“We think it won’t be longer than 100 days before Trump pulls the trigger and ‘Comey’ Mueller (no he can’t technically fire him but he can certainly order it and make it happen),” the article said.

The piece described Mueller as “unassailable” and an “apolitical public servant,” whose firing would trigger major backlash for the administration.

I said at the time when Comey declared his unwavering admiration for Mueller during the Congressional, watch Mueller.

I warned that the man is in no way unbiased in his politics. Moreover, he’s anti-Trump. And, he picks anti-Trumpers to his staff.

So why is the White House not concerned?

Like Comey, Mueller has been given bi-partisan and almost universal praise. Given my knowledge of DC, the praise made me immediately skeptical of the man. The more I have learned, the more I believe my instincts were correct.

Yet, President Trump seems rather nonchalant about the whole thing.

But I didn’t speculate that Trump would fire Mueller necessarily.

Trump needed Mueller to stack the deck against him, then nothing happen. That scenario plays out now. As Mueller has indeed put every anti-Trump lawyer he can find on this case. Yet, bupkis, zilch, zero, nada!

Now the speculation for the firing of Mueller can proceed. And it has.

LawNewz staff writers preempted any actual decision on Mueller’s fate with their own version of what they think will happen when the White House lets him go:

– Mueller’s friendship with Comey (the ultimate in disingenuous circular reasoning)

– Some other yet to be discovered and invented bias on the part of Mueller and his team

– The cost of the investigation

– The need to focus on “more important” issues

The writers made it clear that no crime has been proven yet, but with the intense political climate and intense media scrutiny, “the clock starts now.”

President Trump gave the Left time and a stacked team. They can’t prove what didn’t happen.

So now, he gets to really go after the political establishment. And it’s a good bet that Mueller hears Trump’s famous phrase: “You’re fired!”

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