Why Trump Will Eventually FIRE Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Why Trump Will Eventually FIRE Attorney General Jeff Sessions

A friend and I were talking about her career path, and she said she wanted to study politics in college.

However, a professor pulled her aside to tell her she wasn’t ruthless enough.

I know her to be a devout Christian, and my knee-jerk comment to her was, “Your professor was right.”

There are honorable people in politics committed to serving. However, they are few and far between. Some people just can’t play the political game. I’m one of them. Not because I’m a goody-two-shoes. Because that’s certainly not the case. I’m highly flawed. And I will kick your ass or worse, if you wrong me. But in some instances, I have too much heart.

In life you get wronged. Usually by people who love you. But generally, they are not necessarily malicious, just desperate.

My brother hocked my TV and stereo. Further, he didn’t even have the nuts to tell me. So by the time I found out, the pawn shop owned my goods. I can attest that my brother certainly had no agenda except to not get kicked out of his apartment. I suffered for his want of residence. I forgave him. But truth be told, if I were a politico, I would have either kicked his ass or figured out a way to get even.

However, I didn’t. I’m too nice.

All this to tell you that Jeff Sessions is too nice.

I know he must have some fight in him to become a Senator. But you can bet he has people doing his dirty work. Regardless, Sessions finds himself in a swamp; the big league. And honestly, I don’t think he can handle it.

Like Spicer, Sessions doesn’t have that “I will rip off your head and sh*t down your neck” mentality needed for DC.

Which is one of the reasons I like Sessions. He goofy, but in a likable way. And you can tell that he’s very bright.

I see Sessions as a behind-the-scene person who helps with strategy. But as front man, he’s too affable.

America is under siege, and Trump is the liberator. So, he needs pure warriors. Reptilian assassins willing to do whatever it takes to put the country back into the hands of the people. Some call these people “sin-eaters.” They are ruthless, and single-minded. Loyal to a fault.

Let’s be clear; Sessions is not a sin-eater.

He’s not a fighter either.

Trump can’t handle people willing to back down, even a smidgen. He knows that giving even the smallest amount in DC shows weakness from which there is no recovery. Sessions refused to fight when John Lewis and other members of the Congressional Black Circus called him racist.

But Trump’s biggest problem with Sessions came when he recused himself from the Russia investigation. Sessions thought he was doing Trump a favor. Quite the contrary.

Trump saw that move as a “bonehead” move. Sessions was supposed to fight to the death, and put the onus on the Left to get rid of him. He made things too easy for the swamp rats.

Anyway, I predicted that Sessions will be gone soon. Or he will adapt to Trump’s style of doing things. The way President Trump sees things, if he can get all his cabinet pushing back on the Left, his administration will overwhelm them. And he’s right.


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