IT’S ABOUT TIME: Mueller Subpoenas Podesta Group

IT’S ABOUT TIME: Mueller Subpoenas Podesta Group

It was only a matter of time before the Russian investigation spun back on the crooked Democrats.

I wrote a while back that expanding the investigation into Trump’s supposed dealings with the Russians would expose the Left.

According to Bloomberg, Special counsel Robert Mueller is looking into President Trump’s business transactions.

In essence, Mueller has expanded the leftist witch hunt into the Trump campaign and its alleged ties to Russia. What this has to do with the 2016 elections remains a mystery to most.

Moreover, the news comes a day after Trump told The New York Times that Mueller would cross a line if he expanded the probe to his business ties. It appears Mueller took President Trump’s statement as a challenge.

But here’s where the investigation has already hit snags.

Bloomberg reports the counsel is probing purchases from Russian buyers at Trump properties. Then, he supposedly is looking into the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow. Next, Mueller is said to be investigating a SoHo development involving Russian associates. And finally, he wants to know about Trump’s 2008 sale of a Florida mansion to a Russian oligarch.

That’s right, Trump may have done business with Russians.

Perhaps he rented a town home to one or a condo. He may have even allowed Russians on his properties.

My prediction was prophetic.

As Breitbart reported,

Special Counsel Robert Mueller issued grand jury subpoenas seeking testimony from public relations executives who worked on a lobbying campaign organized by Paul Manafort, including the Podesta Group.

The Podesta Group, co-founded by former chairman of Hillary Clinton’s campaign John Podesta, was one of six lobbying firms who worked on Manafort’s campaign between 2012 to 2014 to get the Ukraine into the European Union, NBC News reported.

“One executive whose firm received a subpoena” told NBC News that Mueller’s team is closely examining the lobbying campaign that the Podesta Group was part of.

“We think they are trying to figure out, was this a legitimate project?” the unnamed executive said. “From our perspective it was — we did a lot of work. We took it seriously.”

It didn’t take Woodward and Bernstein to see the connection between Podesta and the Russians. Like Hillary Clinton’s Russian dealings, Podesta hid in plain sight.

We documented one obvious pay-for-play scandal with Podesta and the Russians:

PodestaRecently the Washington Post hired John Podesta to write a Trump column. The irony here is unbelievable. As a top Hillary-advisor, John exploded at FBI Director Comey for not examining the evidence. Now his own brother is knee deep in the bull$h*t.  According to Open Secrets, Podesta’s firm racked up $170,000 from a Russian bank, Sberbank CIB.

What did they pay for exactly?

It looks like the money bought meetings with State Department officials. Additionally, Podesta’s lobbying aimed at both Congress and the Executive branch. More so, Podesta was key in removing sanctions against Sberbank and VTB Capital, Russia’s second largest bank.

And now Podesta attempts to whitewash his Russian past.

According to The Washington Examiner,

The Podesta Group belatedly filed several new disclosures with the Justice Department on Aug. 17 related to work the firm completed between 2012 and 2014 on behalf of a pro-Russia Ukrainian think tank.

Back in April, the powerful Washington lobbying firm run by Clinton ally Tony Podesta filed a document admitting its work for the pro-Russia European Centre for a Modern Ukraine may have principally benefited a foreign government. New disclosures revealed dozens of previously unreported interactions the firm made with influential government offices, including Hillary Clinton’s State Department and the office of former Vice President Joe Biden, while lobbying on behalf of the center. Embattled ex-Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort failed to disclose his extensive lobbying efforts on behalf of the center at the time as well.

Nice try, Podesta. He nor any of the Democrats will be able to put his genie back in the bottle.

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