Stephen Colbert SUCKS and so did the 2017 Emmy’s Ratings

Stephen Colbert SUCKS and so did the 2017 Emmy’s Ratings

If it weren’t for President Trump, the Emmy’s would have nothing to talk about.

Hollywood lies in a puddle of blood from the self-inflicted wounds of Leftism. Long ago the industry put a gun in its mouth and pulled the trigger. And though the industry suffers mightily, it continues the attack on Conservatives–the people who pay the bills.

The 2017 Emmy’s proved no different. As LA Times reported, Trump-hating Colbert made the event a bash-TrumpFest.

“You can’t deny that every show was influenced by Donald Trump in some way,” said host Stephen Colbert in his opening monologue. “All the late night shows, obviously. ‘House of Cards.’ The new season of ‘American Horror Story.’” Pause. “And of course next year’s Latin Grammys, hosted by Sheriff Joe Arpaio.”

That was the most entertaining snippet from the show, according to sources.

You know I didn’t watch that crap, not with re-runs of American Pickers on!

The article continues,

Donald Glover became the first black director to win in the comedy category, for “Atlanta,” the FX show in which he plays Earn, a rap music manager and young father. When he won his second Emmy of the night, in the acting category, he was just as direct as Colbert.

“I want to thank Trump for making black people No. 1 on the most oppressed list,” he said. “He’s probably the only reason I’m up here.”

Another successful Hollyweird black lamenting his rise in fortune, with his backhanded shout-out to Trump.

And what Hollyweird celebration would be complete without the child-abuser Alec Baldwin?

Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon, who spent the last year playing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, respectively, on “Saturday Night Live,” won supporting actor and actress in a comedy series. “SNL,” which had its best season in years, won four Emmys on Sunday

But even Hollyweirdos noticed how bad things were with the well-worn Colbert and his attempt at political comedy.

Deadline called Colbert’s performance “overkill”. That’s Hollyweird’s polite way of saying, “Colbert sucked!”.

“In a way, this is all your fault,” Colbert, the host of CBS’ Late Show, told the well-heeled crowd early on at the Microsoft Theatre of Trump’s rise to the White House — because the ex-Celebrity Apprentice host was denied an Emmy win back in the day. As he has said in the past few weeks and night after viewership-topping late-night, Colbert was quick to reiterate his belief Sunday that Trump is the biggest TV star around. Following that up with a weak gag about last year’s record low ratings, the POTUS attacks went on as former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer made a surprise roll-on to the CBS-broadcast show with a portable podium and a slew of untruths.

Now the ratings.

I love how Earn the Necklace reported, the ratings for the event:

The 69th Primetime Emmy Awards definitely had a lot of talent and laughs, managing to have higher TV ratings than last year, when Emmy viewership was at an all-time low with 11.3 million. These numbers have not been so low since 2013’s 17.7 million, when Neil Patrick Harris hosted the show.

I had to read that quite a few times to understand it.

In 2013, the numbers were 17.7 million. Last year, the rating were at 11.3 million, the worst EVER. Interestingly, at the time of my writing this piece I couldn’t locate ratings for the show. This is very unusual, since Nielsen knows these ratings within hours. The link the E! that mentions “higher” ratings, doesn’t link to higher ratings. I’ll save you the click.

We won’t know until tomorrow whether Colbert and this year’s crop of nominees—which were some of the the most talked about shows and performances in recent memory—were enough to raise the Emmys from the ratings doldrums, or at least improve upon 2016’s least watched telecast ever, but inside Los Angeles’ Microsoft Theater at least…

Well, it is tomorrow, and my prediction is the Emmy’s continued its slide. But all this said, I repeat: without Trump, whatever the ratings turn out to be, they would have been FAR worse.

Colbert is a one-trick pony.

Without his “persona” the guy has no career. Actually, the fact the man still has a job is a testament to just how far “comedy” has sunk. I like making predictions, and I predict that within two years, Colbert is either gone from late night talk or he BEGS President Trump to come on his show to save his non-funny ass.

As for the Hollywood and specifically the Emmy’s, the writing is on the wall. Bump or no bump in the dismal ratings of last year, Hollywood must attract Conservatives or die.

Keep up the good work Conservatives. And JOIN the Tea Party Community!


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