Comey Shouted Down at Black College [VIDEO]

Comey Shouted Down at Black College [VIDEO]

I wonder how much it cost Howard University to get disgraced former FBI Director James Comey to give the invocation?

One thing is for sure, Comey got the surprised of his Leftist life.

Comey ran into a buzzsaw similar to what Nancy Pelosi encountered while pandering to Latinos. Both learned that you simply cannot be far enough Left to satisfy some special interest groups.

As BBC reported the incident,

Mr Comey was giving a convocation address at Howard University, a leading historically black college.

It took some 13 minutes before Mr Comey, fired in May as head of the FBI, could be heard by the crowd of 1,500.

From the moment he took the podium he was distracted by chants including “Get out James Comey, you’re not our homie”.

Poetry that would have made Jesse Jackson proud. “Get out James Comey, you’re not our homey.

Their parents must be so proud.

Imagine Comey’s surprise given all that he has done for blacks. Things like, he kept Hillary Clinton out of prison. Moreover, he likely kept her husband, America’s first, non-black black president out of prison as well.

Comey commented on the blatant disrespect:

“I love the enthusiasm of the young folks but I just wish they would understand what a conversation is,” Mr Comey said with a strained voice as protests continued to shout over him.

“A conversation is where you speak and I listen, and then I speak and you listen.”

“And at the end of a conversation, we’re both smarter. I am here at Howard to try to get smarter, to try to be useful, to try to have healthy conversations.”

Leftists always want to have “healthy conversations”, one-way conversations that is.

Black Leftists hate law and order. And despite Comey having exactly NO field experience in the FBI, he was the HCIC…the Head Cracker in Charge. So the FBI is his. Perhaps Comey can recover from this?

Maybe he redeems himself when it’s discovered that he covered for Obama? Or maybe he doesn’t get that many style points if he saved Susan Rice’s ass?

Soon, Comey will get to have the conversation. He will get asked questions, and then. Well, he will get asked more questions. Let’s hope he has better answers than he did the last time he testified before Congress.

In the meantime, you can bet Comey “ain’t our home” will choose his speaking venues more carefully. As for Howard, I suggest they do the same. It would be bad if somehow Comey ends up in prison, and they allowed a felon to give the commencement address.




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