Kaepernick ASSISTS Black NFL Crybaby Who Had Run-In with Police

Kaepernick ASSISTS Black NFL Crybaby Who Had Run-In with Police

As one guy tweeted, it must be easier to stand when you’re not wearing cleats.

Colin Kaepernick fancies himself a social justice warrior. And as such, he now monitors what happens to blacks no matter where things occur. Think SJW Super Hero, and you get the picture. 

So when Kapernick tweeted about an event to happened to Michael Bennett, I felt the need to discuss the ordeal. Below is Bennett’s emotional appeal, where he now clearly understands the plight of the “ordinary” black man.

Bennett admits he was running. Moreover, he was running FROM A CASINO.

And we all know that there’s no security at or around casinos, because casinos are in no danger of being robbed.

Additionally, gunshots had been fired, as a big black man exits from a CASINO. But Bennett claims that he was singled out. Because security should NEVER stop a big black man running from a casino after gun shots were heard. And you can bet that Bennett was the only black man at a Floyd Mayweather fight. So, he was easy to spot.

Honestly, what happened to Bennett could have happened to me. But I wouldn’t take it personal. And I wouldn’t be mad at the cops. I would mad at the black thugs that cause cops to see a black man running, and feel the need to check things out. That SUCKS!

Now for how Bennett was treated.

I know Bennett believes himself a big deal. I couldn’t point him out in a lineup. I have given up football, mostly because of Kaepernick. So for Bennett to believe that cops should know who he is when they act as they do is ridiculous. I find it interesting how he ultimately described himself, “a famous professional football player”. Holy Mother of Denzel, more telling is how Bennett describes not-so-famous black men” “thug, common criminal, or ordinary black man”.

Recently my son was at a skate park, and all the kids were getting autographs. Apparently an X-Games champion had visited the park. If I had seen the man out, I would have no idea he rides skateboards for a living. He’s a big deal in HIS world. He’s an “ordinary Joe” in mind.

What did Bennett expect when the cops released him? An apology.

Did he hope they would ask for autographs?

While Bennett plays a stupid game, cops daily put their lives on the line. He has no idea what precipitated the action whereby police pulled him over. I understand how bad it can be to get such an overwhelming show of force by the police. Unnerving is an understatement. Given Bennett’s size, you know he’s not used to feeling intimidated. Also, he has reached a stage in life where he feels immune to such actions. He’s rich and respected.

But outside of Bennett’s PC world exists a real world. And the jungle is paved for no one. Nevertheless, leave it to Kaepernick to “stand” for his friend. Kaepernick knows nothing of the reality of this situation, but like Obama, he sides with “black”. Leave it to Kaepernick to stand up for the little guy!

And Kaepernick wonders why no team wants him?


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