Harvey Weinstein’s DISGUSTING Nickname in France

Harvey Weinstein’s DISGUSTING Nickname in France

Harvey Weinstein represented Hollyweird state-side as well as internationally.

As it turns out, Weinstein sexually harassed women all over the world. In fact, his reputation was so bad in Cannes, France, limo drivers nicknamed the man, “The Pig”. Le cochon.

The Hollywood Reporter wrote that Weinstein’s residence of choice when at Cannes was located just outside the city. The Hotel du Cap is a luxury resort on the Cote d’Azur, and a great place for Weinstein to set up his web of deception.

It was at this very hotel that Italian actress Asia Argento taped the undercover audio of Weinstein. Argento revealed to The New Yorker, that Harvey lured her to his hotel room and sexually assaulted and raped her.

God is The Pig

THR continues,

But a former member of the Majestic housekeeping staff who now works at a hotel two blocks away recalls a very different Harvey Weinstein. She didn’t know his famous name but reacted immediately when shown a picture. “Oh, he was the ugly one who thought he was God,” she says. “I didn’t even know who he was, but he was very bossy. Men like George Clooney or Brad Pitt, they were such lovely men and so handsome. But not him. He was a mean pig.” One industry professional, speaking anonymously to Le Parisien, echoed that characterization, saying, “He was known in Cannes simply as ‘The Pig.’ “

But Weinstein wasn’t known to just hotel staff, as one chauffeur drove Weinstein for years.

THR explains.

On July 14, 2013, Chemloul said, he drove Weinstein to Club 55, a swanky beach club near St. Tropez, to pick up two prostitutes who were supposed to be there. For some reason, Chemloul told the Nice-Matin, the two women never showed up and Weinstein became enraged, directing his anger at Chemloul: “He went crazy and hit me. At that moment, there was no question I’d never work for him again.” The injuries were severe enough that Chemloul couldn’t work for four days.

Chemloul  received the honor of driving Weinstein, because the company considered Weinstein too difficult for most drivers.

“I felt like driving poor innocent people, innocent girls, taking them into the wolf’s mouth and I could not tell them ‘where you put your feet, it’s dangerous,’” he told French TV news network BFMTV.

The girls often came out of his hotel in tears in the morning, he said.

Cannes is smaller than Hollywood. So again, everybody knew of Weinstein’s reputation. The housekeeper who referred to Weinstein as “god” seems to have the inside scoop on the man. Given the spirit of the Cannes Film Festival, one can only imagine if the walls at the Hotel du Cap could talk.

One thing is for sure. All the Hollyweirdos can talk, but none did.


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