Congressman Resigns Over Sex Scandal: That’s your first clue

A Congressman resigns. And here the first part of his story.

U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy, Upper St. Clair, PA, admitted recently to having an extramarital affair with a friend.

Now, let’s play guess the Congressman’s political party.

Murphy said in a statement issued after an Allegheny County Common Pleas judge ruled that he must be deposed in a Pittsburgh couple’s divorce case.

“This is nobody’s fault but my own, and I offer no excuses.”

Accountability. The Congressman blames no one. Not his mistress, not a vast conspiracy. He doesn’t blame a potential political opponent. He simply takes the bullet.

Not enough of a hint? Then, let’s look at the second part of the story.

Murphy won’t see re-election amid tawdry revelations of an extramarital affair in which the anti-abortion lawmaker urged his mistress to get an abortion when he thought she was pregnant.

Surely by now you know that Murphy is a Republican.

Because if Murphy were a Democrat, they would have to BURN him out of office!

A Democrat leave office over an affair? That just doesn’t happen. In fact, Leftists build careers on this type of controversy.

Consider Bill Clinton. This man was notorious for affairs. Moreover, Clinton was such a mack, he got  became president because he was a Leftist stud. And unlike lightweights like Harvey Weinstein, Clinton screwed half of Arkansas and a quarter of DC without doing a minute in rehab.

Aside: Many considered going back to live with Hillary Clinton penalty enough!

As for Murphy, what was his crime?

He’s a Republican. He’s a hypocrite, but he is a politician, so we know that. But in Murphy’s case, he’s a lying hypocrite, because his crime is that he claimed to be an anti-abortion advocate. In that respect, he did the crime, but didn’t want to do the crime.

You can’t be anti-abortion, then change your mind to suit your own life. And that’s what Murphy did. When he thought he knocked up his “friend”, he considered how that could ruin his life. His let his penis put him in a conundrum.

Who did this man think he is? A DEMOCRAT!? Or better yet, a CLINTON?

If you want to know how Democrats handle affairs, check out this story we documented.

Judge Re-Elected after Sexting and Sending Bailiff for Drugs

You know this judge is Democrat.

So let me save you the suspense in wondering how I know the judge is a Democrat and black.

She’s a married judge “sexting” with her bailiff who is not her husband. I know; not enough information. But maybe this next tidbit is?

She sent her bailiff boyfriend on runs to get her drugs. Still not convinced she’s black?

What if I told you that she was re-elected as a judge? SEE!

As the Washington Post reported,

A Texas judge has been suspended amid accusations that she sexted in the courtroom, used her bailiff to buy drugs, hired prostitutes and once brought home marijuana seized from a defendant.

Hilary H. Green’s lawyer called the ruling by the state Supreme Court “frustrating and surprising.” He pointed out that many of the accusations had long been public, and yet voters overwhelmingly reelected Green as a Harris County justice of the peace.

“She’s very popular in the precinct,” Chip Babcock told The Washington Post. “Lots of communication in the community is about how horrible this is.”

Green, who has not been charged with a crime, was immediately suspended Friday from the Houston court where she oversaw misdemeanors, traffic cases and small civil suits since 2007.

That’s what every municipality needs. An adulterous drug-using judge to adjudicate on behalf of the citizenry.

It’s easy to see which party holds its people to a moral standard.

While I don’t condone what the man did, I will say that he shouldn’t have resigned unless what he did detracted from his job. Because if everyone in DC quit based on affairs, the place would empty out.

These people are not sent there to be perfect. In fact, they are like the people they represent, highly imperfect. Murphy should let his constituents decide his fate.

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