President Trump MOCKS Left: How About This ECONOMY! [VIDEO]

President Trump MOCKS Left: How About This ECONOMY! [VIDEO]

The day I planned on writing this article, the stock market was below 23,000.

My intent was to mock the Left by first reminding the Left of their predictions of economic doom and gloom. Then, my plan was to predict that the market would continue to rise. I thought I had at least a week to work on this article.

However, the next day the stock market rose solidly above 23,000. “I still have time to gather my thoughts and the data,” I thought.

As happens in my job, I got distracted with other pressing issues. And the next day the stock set its 53rd record since the election of President Trump, and closed over 23,300, adding another 168 points that day.

Now imagine if we were having this discussion about Barack Obama’s stock market. I remember when the stock market artificially grew with Obama $1 trillion annual quantitative easing (printing fake money). The media bragged about it, because that was the only thing they could brag about. Obama’s unemployment numbers were based on people who quit looking for work–not exactly Chamber of Commerce marketing information for the economy.

As President-elect, Donald Trump charted his economic course. He willed the economic turnaround, and set a path to make it so. CNN took the bait, and began discussing what now and forever more will be called The Trump Effect.

President Trump indeed set the tone for the new America, and business leaders felt it.

The Trump Market sets real records. And teamed with practical over-employment and an economic engine that begins to roar, the media certainly shouldn’t be discussing about a fictitious Russian investigation.

With everybody working and pursuing happiness, you’d think the Left would take a two-week vacation from Trump-bashing. They haven’t, nor will they.

In case you haven’t noticed, the Left hate President Trump. But they LOVE money. So the stock market is safe.

President Trump continually taunts the Left by reminding them of his cabinet’s competence. In this video he discusses bringing in a former Goldman-Sachs executive who took a huge pay cut in order to help the economy. What boldness to rub the man’s wealth and experience in the face of the Left.

Consider how much wealth is on the Left. Take a look at the richest men in the world, and check their politics.

If they decided to take their money out of the market and put it in gold, they would do ok. But they don’t dare.

President Trump would CRUSH gold, even with all their investments to prop it up. This would happen, because when the stock market is high, gold will generally suffer. The big money power brokers don’t dare risk that. But there has been a market enigma.

Interestingly, gold hasn’t kept up with the market, however gold has done well under President Trump. As CNBC reports.

The price of gold crept over the $1250 per ounce threshold for the first time in over three months on Friday. The breakthrough came just a day after U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin stressed an ambitious plan to ensure “very significant” reform passed before Congress’ August recess.

Believe it or not, they initially tried to hobble Trump. Pre-election, gold was at approximately $1300 an ounce. Post-election (Dec 22, 2016) gold fell to $1131 an ounce.

Gold has been as high as $1350 an ounce since the election, and currently hovers around $1291. So the precious metal has more than recovered. I suspect the big money Left hedge their bets putting money in both the market, while protecting their positions in gold.

Regardless, the Trump stock market is bullish to put it mildly.

On Nov 10, the stock market was as 18808. Less than one year into President Trump’s tenure, the stock market has set over 50 records.

Look at the chart to understand the trend line. The market has gained over 23 percent, with few signs of slowing down.

Check out what CNN said at the 100 Day mark:

It’s funny how CNN looked at the downtick in jobs in that last month to warn of a “slowing economy”. As we know now, that downtick was but a blip on the radar screen.

Believe it or not, at the 50-Day mark, CNN gave a good report card on President Trump:

So the president was cruising at the 50-day mark, and doing better at the 100-day mark, yet CNN suggested “caution” at the latter.

Now you may understand why the press doesn’t want to discuss the economy. But fear not, because the time for talk is over. People experience the Trump Effect, and as Bloomberg predicted, President Trump will win again in 2020.


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