America: Where Leftists RADICALIZE Terrorists and Citizens

America: Where Leftists RADICALIZE Terrorists and Citizens

On the heels of the New York City terror attack, where an Uzbekistan Muslim who came to America in a “diversity visa” mowed down 20 people on bikes, killing 8, we now have a shooter in Texas.

These two events have a few things in common.

First, they are both acts of terror. Second and certainly their biggest commonality is Leftism, because both these men were “radicalized” in America.

In regards to the horrific event in Texas, Leftists will once again rinse and repeat the “ban guns” mantra. Given that the number of all these attacks dramatically increased during the time of Obama, I contend that Leftism “radicalized” the killer.


Even Vox seems to recognize the radicalization of America, though they only point the finger at “white America”:

It raises the question: What is leading these people to such extremes?

I turned to experts on radicalization and terrorism for answers. One thing that surprised me: They consistently said that the processes of radicalization are similar across ideologies, whether the person is a jihadist, a white supremacist, or some other belief system.

“The processes are pretty much the same,” Mary Beth Altier, an expert on radicalization at New York University, told me. “There aren’t really distinctions between joining a group like the KKK and ISIS.”

As for Saipov, the Muslim terrorist who mowed down the bicyclists in New York City last week, Leftists declared that he became “radicalized” in America.

Look at how Politico describes what I can only call “hateful America”, as it pertains to Muslims:

We need to think about these problems now, because the political climate in both places, Europe and America, could not be more perilous. In the United States, the relentlessly Islamophobic Donald Trump outdid himself on Monday, calling for “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” Trump and other Republican presidential candidates like Ben Carson brazenly hurl insults and invective against Muslims abroad and impugn the patriotism of Muslim Americans.

The mass killing in San Bernardino, coming after the July attacks by Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez—the so-called Chattanooga shooter who killed five persons—only provided more ammunition, and the right wing media is engaged in unbridled and vulgar demonization of American Muslims. Never mind that according to the FBI most domestic terror attacks are carried out by right-wing white Christian men. The terrorist attacks in Paris in January and November have also deepened French Islamophobia, and increased the influence and audacity of the right wing in general and the National Front in particular. In fact, there has been a noticeable negative shift on the part of a growing number of Europeans towards Muslim immigrants and their descendants.

In short, the Left blame “vulgar demonization of American Muslims” for their despicable behavior.

Moreover, the Left appear PROUD that people radicalize in the United States. They promote the narrative that “America is so bad you can’t help but RADICALIZE!”

So who’s really to blame?

Historically, America has always been the “melting pot”. So we allow all immigrants in, and few would disagree that we are one of the most integrated nations on Earth. So why the sudden shift to radicalization?

The answer is simple: Leftism.

Though radicalization is certainly not solely the fault of Barack Obama, only a moron would argue that Obama didn’t put radicalization on steroids. Obama engendered radicals foreign and domestic. Groups like Antifa, BLM, as well as invited terrorists feasted on the policies of Obama.

How many immigrants committed such crimes as pre-2000? Not many. There were a total of 35 Muslim attacks worldwide in the decade of the 90s. Since 2000, there hasn’t been a year with less than 1500 radical Muslim attacks around the world.

And we could ask the same question of mass attacks by Americans pre-2000s. Here are the numbers:

  • 8 mass shootings in the 80s
  • 24 mass shootings in the 90s
  • 20 mass shootings in the 00s
  • 43 mass shootings in the 10s

In the Era of Obama there were 41 mass shooting, 30 of which came in his last term. Compare this to the 15 mass shooting in the Era of Bush-2 and 20 in the Era of Clinton.

Thus, Obama quintupled the number of mass shootings from the 80s. He almost double the mass shootings from the 90’s and the first decade of the new millennium. And he more than doubled the number of mass shooting of the Clinton and Bush. Finally, Obama presided over more mass shootings of ALL U.S. president who preceded him.

Mass shootings, school shootings, and terror attacks ALL escalated during the Era of Obama, as if put on STEROIDS!

Back to Radicalization:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said at a press conference after the New York City attack that the suspect had been “radicalized domestically” on behalf of the extremist organization. Yes, the extremist organization known as Leftist Progressive Democrats.

The Left managed to radicalize a man who should have seen America as a beacon of hope. He left a Third World armpit to come to freedom. And the Left contend that America “radicalized” him.

Interestingly, Obama’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agrees with Cuomo’s assessment. In a March report, DHS declared, “most foreign-born, U.S.-based violent extremists likely radicalized several years after their entry to the United States.”

At least DHS kindly gave us a timeline for radicalization in America.

In November 2015, Newsweek declared it’s radicalized Americans we need to concern ourselves with; Muslims not so much. That was the actual title of the article. Newsweek went on to exempt Muslims, and condemn citizens of the country:

All identified participants in the Paris attack were European Union nationals. The suspected ringleader of the attack left Belgium in 2014 to join ISIS in Syria, and the attack was reportedly planned there. Among the other attack suspects, at least three were French nationals reported to have traveled to Syria in recent years to join ISIS. Another French national reportedly attempted to travel to Syria to join ISIS, but was turned back by Turkey en route.

In other words, don’t blame the Muslims for bringing their radical ideas. It’s how they get treated that makes them “act out”.

Leftists shift blame from the actual terrorists, and imply that it’s the people who inhabit the lands who are the real evil-doers. If they would only let the Muslims accomplish their caliphate, then we would find the Muslims to be a peaceful people. 

Pivoting back to Texas, the shooter, Kelley was equally “radicalized” by the Left.

He’s an atheist. Kelley was dishonorably discharged from the Air Force. And he supposedly went to the church to kill his inlaws.

An angry man with no ethical core system of beliefs got an illegal firearm and shot up a church. The man is a poster-child for Leftism.

One other quick point about the 2015 Newsweek article referenced earlier that validates my point.

The real security problem is with radicals who want to leave their countries to join ISIS, not with the masses of refugees escaping the conflict. Consider the evidence: Since 1990, not one refugee admitted into the U.S. has committed an act of terror. Yet, it is now well documented that about 200 Americans have attempted to join ISIS and a handful has attempted to conduct domestic attacks on its behalf.

How must one parse this subject in order to come to this conclusion? Such is Leftism.

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