Happy Thanksgiving and Why you MUST GLOAT at Dinner

Happy Thanksgiving and Why you MUST GLOAT at Dinner

This is the BEST Thanksgiving in decades! And yes, I am including last year’s.

Honestly, I don’t even remember Thanksgiving last year! At that time, I remained intoxicated on the butt-kicking we gave the Left on Nov 8, 2016. On that day, we blew through Thanksgiving and got TEN Christmases all rolled into one.

I doubt your butt-hurt Leftist relatives even showed up to Thanksgiving 2016. They were still black and blue, icing their balls (yes, especially the feminists). The Leftists who thought Hillary Clinton would win wanted nothing to do with us. Some weren’t even available. Because they had checked themselves into rehab. Others were afraid to leave their houses, preferring to suffer alone.

It was a GLORIOUS TIME, and honestly, I’m still celebrating!

But now these baboons have had a year to lick their wounds. They might dare venture out this Thanksgiving and show up empty-handed for the free food. So, this is the year we take no Thanksgiving prisoners.

You’d better hoot and holler, and have yourselves a GOOD TIME!

Think about how many Thanksgivings during the Era of Obama you bit your tongue.

Remember Thanksgiving 2008? We knew John “Traitor” McCain would lose to the black ingenue. And we took our medicine. Some of you may have even thought things would improve under the Obama regime. You wanted to believe, right?

Well, things didn’t improve.

So by Thanksgiving 2009, Obama had a year under his belt and America SUCKED! You may not have even had a turkey to eat that year, as instead American Leftists (and some so-called Conservatives) were served a heapin’ helpin’ of crow. Nevertheless, some still decided Obama needed more time.

Who cares that Obama lost 4 million jobs his first year? So what that moron added over a trillion dollars to the national debt. America had its first half-black president. Celebrate that!

Thanksgiving 2010 should have been GRAND.

Obama dared us: “That’s what elections are for!”

And we obliged him by kicking the crap out of his boney butt. In Obama’s only show of humility he admitted it, saying he got a shellacking.

Instead of getting the message, Obama doubled-down against the American people. He decided to ignore the lesson of the election and circumvented Congress. Obama lead with Executive Orders.

But Thanksgiving 2010 should have been one where you said to your family, “I told you so, Suckas!” But again, Conservatives kept their mouths shut for the sake of family unity.

In 2012, Thanksgiving was like a man getting kicked in the naughty bits without his cup! Obama cheated and won. America got four more years of his cocky crap-eating grin. This might have been the worst Thanksgiving ever for Conservatives who believed we had rid ourselves of the cancer of Obama. However, we did win the Senate, and this took some of the sting off.

Then we would have another chance. Thanksgiving 2014 was glorious.

Another opportunity missed for us to get back at the Obamabots. A second mid-term election where the people spoke. We bolstered our seats in the House and maintained the Senate.

Obama was now essentially a lame-duck president, and we were gearing toward 2016. Do I really need to tell you what happened? YES!

Against all odds Donald Trump won!

In the most crooked election in American history, where the Democrats pulled out all their tricks, Donald Trump defeated the axis of evil: the DNC, the Clinton Campaign, the Obama administration, and the media industrial complex.

And now we find ourselves in his first official Thanksgiving as president. And since the Left think Trump’s election is the end of the world, PARTY LIKE THAT!

What would you say to your Leftist friends and relatives, if you only had one day left to live? Exactly!

So make this the BEST Thanksgiving ever. Then do the same for the next 7 Trump presidency Thanksgiving coming, God willing.




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