NO JOKE: Black Group Sponsors ‘Come Meet a Black Person’ Event

NO JOKE: Black Group Sponsors ‘Come Meet a Black Person’ Event

Talk about leading lambs to the slaughter.

Any white person who goes to an event called “Come meet a black person” is a racist and a mark.

First, if you must attend an event to meet black people, then you live a crappy life. Speaking for myself and my cadre of black family, friends, and acquaintances, I can tell you that black people I know are a HOOT!

I would love to invite my ass to anything, and often do! I’m amazing at parties and other get-togethers.

I recently attended a Jewish event. The reception of “moi” was so good, afterward Jews approached me asking me to circumsize their newborn boys. I explained, “I’m no Rabbi…but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express”.

We all had a good laugh, and the same Jews asked for rainchecks for me to play their kids’ Bar Mitvahs. I even got invited to a Jewish wedding…in Israel. Mazeltov!

Back to the “Come meet black people event”

Second, only a racist would find it necessary to attend an event to “meet blacks”. How about you just get out of whatever rat hole you live in and experience life? There are plenty of black people living life. Do something novel and unexpected among white Leftists, and just say, “Hello!”

When I heard of this networking event for whites to meet blacks, I shook my damn head. Seriously. Why not just ask for guilty white Leftists with money to show up to get mugged, metaphorically.

A Georgia networking event has invited attendees to “meet a black person” as a way to challenge the current racist atmosphere across the country, organizers say.

Urban Mediamakers are hosting the “Come Meet A Black Person” networking event this Thursday to “positively challenge the negativity.”

“We are inviting non-black people to put aside any pre-conceived notions about the black community and bring an open mind to our ‘Come Meet A Black Person’ Networking Event,” the event’s description says.

I’d love to show up with red-meat white people tired of hearing about “white privilege”.

These white folks could discuss their silver spoon lives getting up every day to take care of some dude’s 15 kids by 11 different women.

The article continues,

CNN reports Urban MediaMakers founder Cheryle Moses came up with the idea after she read a 2013 study from the Public Religion Research Institute that showed about 75 percent of white people in America don’t have any non-white friends.

“In the black community we know of white people who don’t have a lot of black friends,” Moses told CNN. “But still, seeing a statistic about it just opened our eyes.”

And how many white friends does the average black person have? Do you think “Come Meet a White Person” would go over as well? And what white thrill-seeker would want that job?

Out of curiosity, could Rachel Dolezal attend this event? If so, in what capacity?

Further, would people have to pass a swatch test? Because if a dark-skinned white person shows up, you wouldn’t want him or her greeted by a “light-skinned” black, particularly with no Negro dialect.

But let’s say that did happen. Is the white person entitled to a refund?

If they have more events like this, I think a requirement should be DNA tests authenticating black people.

The article continues to explain why this is so necessary:

“It’s a great opportunity to start relationships,” she said. “And if you have a relationship with somebody, you are inclined to treat them like yourself. If you don’t have that relationship, then you’ll only treat them based upon what you may have seen or read somewhere.”

ID badges, food and race

Thursday’s event will have all the trappings of a typical networking mixer: ID badges, food and drinks, giveaways. But it will also feature a “cultural” scavenger hunt that will help attendees learn about the black community, as well as Moses and others from Urban MediaMakers greeting whites and engaging them in conversation.

“We can tell when someone is uncomfortable,” Moses said, so they will go around and break the ice and introduce people to each other.

What if the New Black Panther Party crashes this party? Would that be considered a “party favor” or just a “setup”?

The cost for this shindig is $15, and tickets must be purchased in advance. It appears there is a limit to only ONE black person per white guest, as the flyer is “Come meet a black person“.

So, if a white person meets more than one black person must he or she pay more? Is there group discount for whites who dare wish to interact with more than 2-3 blacks?

I’m guessing if they get a lot of white folks to show, they will hold some BS reparations event, and extort even more money from the hapless rubes. However, if they only get a handful, then they will take the money and have a “blacks only” happy hour.

Either way, you can bet these blacks get to laugh at the stupidity of white Leftists.



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