Trump KILLS Dr Death Chuck Schumer’s Diversity Lottery Program [VIDEO]

Trump KILLS Dr Death Chuck Schumer’s Diversity Lottery Program [VIDEO]

Democrats seem to enjoy watching American citizens die at the expense of “diversity”.

None of these Leftist morons hold Muslim countries to the same standards as they do Christian countries. Nor do they hold countries with predominantly non-white citizens to those standards.

In the last census, Asia and Africa represent 60.4 percent and 14 percent of the world’s population. That’s almost 75 percent for those keeping score.

Europe and North America represent 19 percent combined of the world’s population. When you consider that both Asia and Africa are practically all Asian and African, that means the world is mostly non-white. Also factor in that Europe and North America include many Hispanics and Latinos.

So in other words, white people are the minority in the world. Ironically, the majority of the people who are refugees in the world are from non-white countries. Most of the people on the run from their homelands have one thing in common: they run from countries where Islam is the overwhelming religion.

As I wrote recently, on the subject of terror, the Left need to STFU! Because they caused the spread of terror around the world.

Using Leftist tactics, “radical” Muslims have figured out how to spread Islam without engaging directly in war. They use the laws of lunatic Left to spread their hate, and countries all over the world have obliged. Muslim Imams all over the world scoff at the laws of the West. They advise followers of Islam to use those laws to subvert the cultures of America and Europe.

Senator Chuck Schumer engendered one such law in America. It’s called the “diversity lottery”.

The diversity visa program has its roots in the Immigration Act of 1990, a bipartisan bill passed in late 1990 that sought to increase and restructure immigration into the U.S.

Earlier in 1990 while a member of the House of Representatives serving on the House immigration subcommittee, Chuck Schumer introduced the Employment-Related Immigration Act of 1990. Part of that bill called for a special category of visas to be offered annually to “diversity immigrants” from “low-admission regions.” This was Schumer’s attempt to offer the American Dream to under-served areas of the world. The irony of this proposal is that Democrats chastise America for exporting our way of life, but gladly offer it for import.

Part of the Emplyment-Related Immigration Act of 1990 got folded into the Family Unity and Employment Opportunity Immigration Act of 1990. And, according to the bill summary,

“[p]rovides for preference allocation systems for admission of family-sponsored, employment-based, and diversity immigrants, respectively. Bases diversity immigration on identification of low-admission states and regions.”

The bill was mostly partisan with 32 co-sponsors, including Schumer and seven Republicans. The bill passed the House 231-192 with a majority of Democrats voting for it, and a majority of Republicans against it.

The Bill Moves to the Senate

In the Senate, Ted Kennedy sponsored their version of the bill, the Immigration Act of 1990. The Senate bill included similar provisions for “Diversity Immigrants”. In their version, diversity visa applicants were required to have a high school education or its equivalent or “two years of work experience in an occupation requiring at least two years of training or experience.”

It passed the Senate overwhelmingly, 89-8. As you can see, the bill received wide Republican support, including from Senator Mitch McConnell.

To no surprise, “compassionate Conservative” RINO President George H.W. Bush happily signed the bill into law. Believe it or not, Schumer didn’t think the bill went far enough. Thus, in remarks on the Immigration Act on Oct. 26, 1990, just prior to its passage, Schumer explained his support, and his role in helping to craft portions of the bill.

“There are certain countries that have been left out…It’s wrong that countries like Ireland or Poland or Nigeria can’t get almost any immigrants into this country, simply because the people who came from those countries came a long time ago and aren’t brothers and sisters but are rather second and third cousins.”

In the case of 6-year resident Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, he sponsored 23 family members.

Back to The Diversity Immigrant Visa Program, aka The Lottery

The Diversity Immigrant Visa Program, or DV program, uses a computer lottery system to randomly issue up to 50,000 immigrant visas each year to applicants from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States. Millions of applicants annually apply for the diversity visas.

The “lottery” is determined from millions of supposedly qualified applicants from various countries. The lottery excludes people from countries with high rates of immigration to the U.S. This included countries like Mexico, India, the Philippines, China, Canada and the United Kingdom.

So in 2015, nearly 9.4 million qualified for the lottery. Though 19 countries were excluded, visas were offered to residents of 182 different countries. 4,368 visas were issued to people from Uzbekistan–the country of origin of the New York City Muslim terrorist Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov.

Schumer and other Leftists were warned about the dangers of this legislation in a 2007 Government Accountability Office report. First, they warned that the legislation was “particularly vulnerable to manipulation” and fraud risk. That’s exactly how this legislation is used today. Everybody is “family”, and thus can be brought in with relative ease. In fact, this entry into the United States is easier than the normal citizenship avenue.

The authors note that the State Department, then under President George W. Bush, “was disappointed with the report’s findings and did not agree with the recommendations” and rejected them.

But it gets far worse, as a 2011 Congressional Research Service report similarly said the following:

“[c]ritics of the diversity lottery warn that it is vulnerable to fraud and misuse and is potentially an avenue for terrorists, citing the difficulties of performing background checks in many of the countries eligible for the diversity lottery. Supporters respond that background checks for criminal and national security matters are performed on all prospective immigrants seeking to come to the United States, including those winning diversity visas.”

As we’ve learned time and again, these background checks are a joke. And 8 people died because of Chuck Schumer, et al. Because these Leftists decided that America, the most diverse country on the planet needed more diversity.




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