LATEST: Don Trump Jr TORMENTED his Pre-School Teacher

LATEST: Don Trump Jr TORMENTED his Pre-School Teacher

This may be the best story that showcases the commitment of the Left to get to the Trump’s.

A “journalist” has gone back to when Donald Trump, Jr was 3 years old. Even then he was the Left’s definition of the quintessential Trump.

As IJR reported,

Journalist Virginia Heffernan, a contributing editor for Politico, has accused Donald Trump Jr. of mistreating a preschool teacher — when he was only 3 years old.

Heffernan tweeted Wednesday her friend Anna taught Trump Jr. when he was in preschool.

“She asked him to move his mat one day and he said, ‘F**k you, bitch.’ He was three. Today’s for you, Anna,” she claimed:

Then, leftists didn’t waste anytime to come to the conclusion that all 3-year-olds from rich people must be “monsters.”

She QUIT TEACHING. What a snowflake!

This story showcases how desperate the left is to smear the Trumps anyway possible. And now they will use the vulnerable innocent time of being a child to do it.

Ask yourself this what you remember when you were 3? If you are over 40, you likely barely remember high school memories, much less what you did at 3 years old!

How about lunch two Fridays ago

Let’s pretend we believe this asinine story, just for snickers. How can you get to hold a 3-year-old accountable for his behavior anyway?

Hey America, Donald Trump, Jr crapped his pants when he was three!

And what of that part about being “in service roles to the rich?”

The “rich” gave her a job. And now we find out that she was “triggered” by the job she likely applied to do. I doubt the Trumps put a gun to her head and made her accept the job.

Does being a nanny require a union? Are these people oppressed?

Perhaps seeing all that wealth demoralizes a person.

Thankfully this woman stopped teaching. She obviously didn’t have what it takes to stand the heat of a mouthy toddler. Nothing she could have done could have prepared her to deal with a 3-year-old rich kid.

Nevertheless, for my own research and amusement I actually goggled “3 year old behavior patterns.” I clicked on the first parenting blog that came up and this is what I found:

“If you’re the parent of a 3-year-old, you’re probably reading this with one eye open — because your other eye has been poked with a pencil or spat in by that tiny little monster running around your house. Yes, the struggle is real, and the fun hardly ends after you make it through the baby years. For many parents, the terrible twos are a walk in the park compared to the 3-year-old horror show that is to come.”

See how tough that was.

Oh by the way, EVERY parent in America with a child older than 3 understands the issues of parenting.

The Dangers of “Me Too”

The #MeToo women apparently want to oppress men long before they were even men. So, what exactly is the statute of limitations for bad behavior?

Will Democrats demand Don. Jr. resign from his company for his rebellious toddler years? Will feminists brand Don. Jr. as a misogynist for talking back to his female teacher when he was 3?

God forbid we learn that 3-year-old Donald Trump Jr slapped some teacher on the butt. Or, when she picked him up he grabbed her breast.

Dare I say that Jr perhaps grabbed this woman by the p*ssy, or the Left will undoubtedly say, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”


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