Embarrassing Phone Call Answered IN CLASSROOM [VIDEO]

Embarrassing Phone Call Answered IN CLASSROOM [VIDEO]

A professor makes his students put phone calls on speaker, if the phones ring in class.

One can imagine what you would hear with such a policy.

When I give speeches, I jokingly say, “If your phone rings you pay $5; if you answer, it’s $20.” When it happens, we collect, then donate the money to the event or charity.

Anyway, from this video you can tell that the students are used to the professor’s policy. But what happens in the call ends up backfiring on the professor.

What a fun class!

Interestingly, in the joke that was played on the professor was truth. He could have gotten in serious trouble. I’m glad he didn’t.

I decided to research “Funny phone calls” and here are a few that caught my interest:

Three-Way With the Supervisor From Debbi Bressler

The funniest sales call I’ve ever been involved with took place over ten years ago, but I’ve never forgotten it!I oversaw a group of inside sales professionals and had recently started working with a delightful, very religious, straightlaced gentleman named Jon.

Jon had spoken to a prospect named Janelle earlier in the day and had set up a follow up call for us later that day, so I could answer some technical questions for her. Unfortunately, she didn’t answer the phone and instead we got this voice mail message:

(With sultry music playing in the background) “Hi, you’ve reached Mistress Divine. I’m tied up with a client right now, but I’m really eager to take care of you when I return. If you just can’t wait, call Mistress Beatrice at xxx-xxxx and she can also service you. And, don’t worry, she’s just as wild as I am!”  Beep.

At which point Jon says, “er, Janelle, Miss Divine, this is Jon XXXXX, calling you back like I promised. I hope you didn’t forget that we had an appointment for a three-way with my supervisor, Debbi.”


“Oh, oh, no, Janelle. I didn’t mean a three way like a three way. I meant the three of us were going to get on a call and get your questions answered. Oh my. Please, please just…oh gosh, please just don’t even call me back. Oh, my. And please erase this message.”

At this point, I am literally on the floor with tears streaming down my face, with the phone on mute so my gales of laughter do not pick up on this woman’s voice mail. Poor guy couldn’t face me for over a week!

Coffee Spill on Private Parts From Brett

I was leaving a message for a client last year, while leaning back in my chair and balancing a hot cup of coffee on my stomach. As I reached over to grab my notes, my HOT coffee spilled all over a. . . certain part of my body that doesn’t feel really great when a hot beverage lands on it. I yelled one of the seven dirty words at the top of my lungs, which went right into the client’s voice mail. I hung up, called back, got voice mail again, explained what happened and offered a sincere, heartfelt apology.

I walked down the hall to let my CEO know what happened, so he wouldn’t be surprised when he got a complaint call back from the client. Expecting him to unload both barrels on me, he instead began laughing so hard, I thought he was going to burst a blood vessel. It turns out he knew the client for many years, and called him up himself to offer an apology. When the client called the CEO back, they both had a good laugh about it, we actually wound up making a sale(!), and I got my commission.

At the next sales meeting the CEO told everyone the story, (which got a huge laugh and round of applause), and asked me if I could spill hot drinks on myself more often.

Now a couple of mine.

I had a similar experience to Brett, except I was driving, and a person cut me off. I was literally at the point of leaving my message, when I had to swerve to avoid wrecking.

I cursed about 10 times, and my phone ended up on the floor near the accelerator. Even by the time I got my phone I was incensed. As I looked at my phone, I realized that I was still leaving a message, and my client heard the entire conversation.

I panicked and hung up, instead of deleting the message and starting over.

My final story involves me and a team I represented.

We were on a conference call with a client.

They had rejected parts that had been screened three times. Our team declared the problem was not on our end, and this went back and forth. Since the parts go on missiles and this is a government contract, we agreed to look one more time, though now the business was costing my team money.

We ended the call, and agreed to reconvene in a few days. But just as we were about to go nuclear, knowing the parts tested fine, we hear the client still on the phone. The sales manager of the company I represented “shush” everybody, so we could listen.

Imagine our surprise.

We began recording the conversation, which lasted about 5 more minutes. In the conversation, the client declared openly that they knew the problem was on their end. They then explained that their testing requirements were more rigorous than “mil spec”, but agreed to continue exercising us. The funny part came when they realized the phone hadn’t hung up, but wondered if we were still on the other end of the call.

We waited a couple of days to call back. The VP of Sales for the company told them the parts passed, and there was nothing more we could or would do. The client began their standard, “It on your end,” whereby the VP played their discussion.

The good news is now the NSA has us all on record for every conversation, so we don’t need to worry about such things.

Have a great day!


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