Owner Admits SHOCKING TRUTH about NFL

Owner Admits SHOCKING TRUTH about NFL

I’m proud to say, I went through the entire season without watching any football.

I know, the season isn’t quite over, as the Superbowl looms. Rest assured; I won’t be watching that game either.

2018 brings a reckoning for Conservatives. For decades we found our efforts to make America great ridiculed. Imbeciles ran the country, and their ideas permeated all of society, including sports.

But now things begin to settle. And we get this recent admission from the owner of the Baltimore Ravens.

The Baltimore Ravens are no longer in contention for the AFC North title, having fallen too far behind the Steelers, but they are currently tied with the Bills and the Titans for a wild card slot and they’ve been showing a lot of potential. They play the Colts today in a home game that could prove to be a make or break match in terms of their chances at a post-season appearance. With that much on the line, you’d expect the stadium to be buzzing, but in addition to the Colts, Baltimore is facing another battle. They’re trying to fill up the seats at M&T Bank Stadium and avoid yet another embarrassing display of sparsely populated stands.

The Ravens sold out every single home game since arriving in Baltimore in 1996. But by last month they were scrambling to (re)sell, or in some cases, give away as many of the returned tickets as possible. You can’t blame it on poor performance by the team, so this week the Ravens’ president, Dick Cass, came out and said what everyone had already known: his players’ National Anthem protest stunt in London earlier this season simply drove too many people away. (Baltimore Sun)

Like political Leftist, the NFL ignored the signs.

The election of Donald Trump wasn’t just about DC politics. Had politics remained in DC, then perhaps President Trump wouldn’t have weighed in. But his predecessor did nothing to stop the nonsense of the NFL.

Obama liked that Colin Kaepernick kneeled. That gesture represented the Obama Era better than almost anything else. President Trump saw the kneeling for what it is. Disrespect of America. Disrespect of the flag and what that flag stands for.

Moreover, President Trump realized the implications of what Kaepernick had done. The slap in the face to law enforcement. The want to validate the lie of Black Lives Matter, while wholly ignoring the issues of black crime. But there remains the bigger picture.

The political-correctness that crushes the American economy as well as the American Spirit.

Leftism is a cancer to the world. And what better place to excise the cancer than America. Wherever one turns in this country, you are confronted with Leftism. Colleges and universities teach this extortion racket, and have managed to get us to fund it. Corporations imprison themselves with Leftist nonsense that has nothing to do with helping the organizations. Next, Hollywood glamorizes the PC notion, while violating all the rules. So when President Trump saw that one of the few meritocracies left decided to go PC, he fought back.

Trump dared denounce the actions of Kaepernick and others. He dared them to continue, which they did. But now who suffers?

Certainly not President Trump. America doesn’t suffer, as wives got their husbands and sons back on Sunday. Life goes on for the average American, as football stadiums get emptier.

I’m overjoyed that President Trump confronted this issue head on. America is better for it.




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