Rapper Eminem BEGGING President Trump for Attention

Rapper Eminem BEGGING President Trump for Attention

Eminem wants back in the spotlight. Evidently, he needs the money.

In an interview with Elton John for ‘Interview’ magazine, he said of President Trump, “As long has he’s got his base, he does not give a f*ck about anybody else in America.

And there lies the power of President Trump.

He began his campaign caring for the people who he believes America forgot. And now those who elected the most crooked administration in history want revenge.

Eminem doesn’t even like Hillary Clinton. But to make a buck and be down with the brothers, he’s willing to say whatever it takes. Thus, Eminem  launched another stinging verbal attack on the president. Right now, that still speaks to his base.

And as I say of all Leftists, they tell you who they are by what they say about others.

Eminem cares about three things: selling albums, downloads and selling out concert venues.

If anybody has benefited in America its that wigga. And Trump helps him sell his dream. That dream has garnered Eminem more “cheddar” for him to invest in the stock market.

So surprise! The rapper will release his ninth studio album ‘Revival’ on December 15. I predict this album will be his worst yet in terms of sales. Because we’ve witnessed what happens “stars” who have challenged Trump.

Take Snoop Dogg for example. Here is what was reported back in 2008, yes the Era of Obama.

So I just got this week’s Soundscan report and Snoop Dogg’s Ego Trippin’ has only sold 291, 286 units to date. Dude used to nearly gold in the first freaking week.

I know artists have been bricking left and right in this climate, but this is Snoop Dogg we’re talking about. Little do we know, Snoop could fall short of a gold plaque for the first time in his 16-year career. He usually does at least 200k on the first week off GP. I thought he was set for sure when “Sexual Eruption” came out. Folks just kept buzzing about how consistent he had been with his singles, especially in recent years. I thought it was in the bag.

No wonder Snoop Dogg picked a fight with President Trump. Dogg is nothing without “the man”.

At least that’s what TBS thinks.

Snoop Dogg insinuates violence against the president, and there is nothing funny about that, at least to the Secret Service. My prediction: Trump will soon make Snoop Dogg his BITCH!

His career waning, perhaps Snoop Dogg needed the controversy? After all, his claim to fame currently is a home show with a white woman who has done more time in prison than he has. Who’s the real gangsta, Snoop Pup?

Evidently, Snoop Dogg is counting on his contentious actions to sell his music, as he has exactly been on a tear lately. Sure he’s recognized. But would you tie your brand to an ignorant wannabe thug, who reason d’etre is to smoke dope?

And when that didn’t go as well as Dogg hoped, he then tried another tactic:

Rap mogul Snoop Dogg is using the mobile channel to drive sales of his CDs, DVDs and ringtones, giving away free mobile video content and wallpapers and running a sweepstakes.

The rapper’s agency Cashmere has partnered with mobile entertainment content provider Myxer to promote the upcoming release of Snoop Dogg’s CD and DVD combination More Malice, the follow-up to the Malice N Wonderland album. As part of the promotion, Snoop will use Myxer’s MobileStage product to deliver exclusive, behind-the-scenes branded mobile video content.

Things were so bad for Dogg, that fans got involved.

Snoop D-O-Double G recently drop his new album ‘Cool Aid’. According to the sales predictions Snoop is predicted to sell 7-9 k. Ya’ll go help a brother out….

If you support Desiigner. I know damn well you should go get the new Snoop Dogg’s album. No excuses!

Back to Eminem.

The trend is not good. Eminem is now the #14 streamed hip hop artist. Remember when he was dominant and a solid #1. 


And neither does he.

Earlier this year, Eminem sold his mansion…in a fire sale. As UK Mail reported, Eminem took a bath on that sale.

Eminem has put his sprawling Michigan mansion up for sale for $2million – less than half of what he bought it for 14 years ago.

It seems the 44-year-old rapper’s star power wasn’t enough to beat Detroit’s falling house values, as he has listed the six-acre home for $1.9million – despite originally buying it for $4.8 million.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, eh Marshall Mathers?

What did he say of Trump? “As long as he has his base…” Apparently, he does. But it seem that Mathers is losing his.





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