Two Police Officers Shot Near Ferguson [VIDEO]

Two Police Officers Shot Near Ferguson [VIDEO]

Just when we forget about the worse presidency in history, we get reminders.

Barack Obama ushered in one of the most lawless periods in American history. His policies allowed criminals to flourish, and put targets on the back of police officers.

Weekly we hear of stories of police officers shot, and in some case stalked by those wishing to earn “street cred” for killing the men and women in blue. While the Gates encounter in Massachusetts lit the fuse, Ferguson caused the explosion.

Yet again, we find the area near Ferguson, a hotbed of activity involving police.

As Fox 2 reports,

Two police officers were shot Thursday at around 7:30am in north St. Louis County. They were hit in the chest. Their bulletproof vest may have saved their lives.  The officers are conscious and speaking.

The incident occurred in Bellefontaine Neighbors at the intersection of Chambers and Bellefontaine roads.  One suspect is barricaded in a home in the 10100 block of Bellefontaine.  He may be armed with an AR-15 rifle.  Police appear to be negotiating with him.

Police were responding to the home after reports of shots fired in  Bellefontaine Neighbors Wednesday night. The details in that police call are not known at this point. But, a man who lives at the home was identified as a person of interest in the report of gunfire.

Officers got into an altercation with the man at the home. They say he pulled out a handgun and shot both of the officers in their chests. Police returned fire and it isn’t known if the suspect was injured in the shooting.

Here’s how Bellefontaine Neighbors describes itself:

Our vibrant, growing community is just 20 minutes from the Gateway Arch and downtown Saint Louis. With rich traditions, participatory government, strong moral values and great access to the metro highway network, Bellefontaine Neighbors provides an ideal environment for your family. We invite you to learn more about our community and contact us with any questions.

Located just east of Ferguson Missouri, the city mimics many of the small municipalities in the area.

The population is heavily black.  As of the 2013 American Community Survey, the racial makeup of the city was:

73.1% Black or African American
24.3% White
0.1% Asian
0.1% Some other race
2.4% Two or more races
1.1% Hispanic or Latino (of any race)

We will update as the story develops.


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