New Poll: Trump’s Popularity SOARS

New Poll: Trump’s Popularity SOARS

The Left has a serious problem they’ve tried to cover up in this report.

All signs show that President Trump gains serious momentum. Thus 2018 will be the Year of Trump.

ABC downplayed a pretty significant distinction for Trump, as they wrote:

“Trump’s unpopularity is holding him back from winning the most admired distinction,” Gallup’s Jeffrey Jones said Wednesday. “The incumbent president is the usual winner since he is arguably the most prominent figure in the country — but when the president is unpopular, other well-known and well-liked men have been able to finish first.”

So according to Gallup, Trump coming in second is a bad thing. Why? Because sitting presidents normally win this “distinction”.

But it gets worse, as the article suggests.

“Former presidents commonly make the top 10 list but rarely win, with Obama only the second to do so, along with Eisenhower in 1967 and 1968,” he added.

Seventeen percent of Americans surveyed named Obama as the man they admire most, while 14 percent named Trump, the poll said.

In other words, Obama remains popular. In fact, Obama continues to be MORE popular than Trump.

So let’s just take a little test. Do you believe Trump naysayers have increased or decreased in his first year?

These polls are nonsense, but let’s play along for shiggles.

The fact that Trump even made the report surprises me. After all, the press tells us daily how universally despised Trump is. Put another way, if you were a Trump supporter, you undoubtedly more ingrained in that support than before.

As for #NeverTrumpers and other anti-Trump, I don’t have many polls, but I do have this evidence on who people credit with the economic turnaround.

For me, this chart says it all!

Beginning in March, Obama was credited with the economy. However, month after month that gap has closed, and soon more people will credit Trump with the economic growth formerly credited to Obama. Before we leave this topic, consider the gap that’s been closed.

In March 67% of people credit Obama with the economy, while only 19% for Trump. Now that gap is only 2%. And you can bet that in December, Trump will overtake Obama in this polling.

Moreover, look at the percentage change. Trump has gone from 19% to 41%, while Obama has dropped from 67% to 43%. So while Trump gains 22%, Obama drops 24%. That’s a 46% delta, and not something the Democrats can celebrate.

Final point on the chart, this data is biased. There is no way this data polled equally among Democrats and Republicans. These numbers would have been closer to 50/50 from the beginning with Trump gaining each month since March. However, even the flawed report doesn’t bode well for Democrats.

Next, as if you needed more ammunition about these bogus surveys, understand that Gallup reported Hillary Clinton as America’s most admired woman. She apparently received 9 percent of the vote. In second was former first lady Michelle Obama who received 7 percent.

“Hillary Clinton has been named most admired more than any woman — or man — in Gallup’s polling history,” Jones said. “But the likelihood that she will continue to hold that honor in future years seems less certain, with her popularity at a nadir and the percentage naming her as most admired the lowest in 15 years.”

In other words, the vote is based on political ideology and the most familiar names.

The article continues in what may be the most telling statistic, though small:

The poll was, however, largely split along party lines as Republicans were far more likely to name Trump than Obama.

Thirty-five percent of Republicans surveyed chose Trump as the man they admired most, while only 1 percent chose Obama, according to the poll. Meanwhile, 39 percent of Democrats named Obama, versus 3 percent who named Trump.

Three times the Democrats chose Trump as most admired. So, Democrats have made the biggest move towards Trump. These numbers are small now, but as that chart suggests, that’s changing.

I will make an early prediction that Trump will be the #1 most admired in this report next year. And Obama won’t be #2.


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