Banned in Sweden: Book Linking Muslims to Rape Culture

Banned in Sweden: Book Linking Muslims to Rape Culture

Sweden and other Europeans countries have been trying to curb sexual violence for some time. It would seem that the way to do that would not be to ignore the underlying problem.

Nevertheless, Sweden banned any research that connects such violence with the increase of mass immigration.

A woman who wanted to publish a book with her research on mass immigration and the increase in rapes in Sweden has recently been banned from fundraising for the release of her book.

Swedish academic Ann Heberlein was booted from American crowdfunding platform Kickstarter Thursday after trying to raise money for a book studying the link between rape and immigration, Dagens Nyheter reports.

In Heberlein’s planned book, entitled “Rape and Culture – A survey of group violence in Sweden 2012-2017,” the academic seeks to “perform a statistical analysis of all convictions in group violence targets in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, taking into account the perpetrator’s age and birth.”

And civilized nations wonder how they get taken over?

This kind of research is highly needed. And you can bet if the research were pro-Muslim, the government would gladly report the data. The book would be heralded as a success of multiculturalism. 

But since the book proves the obvious correlation to the influx and Muslim men and the out of control rape culture, the Swedes decide to hide the facts of the ethnicity of rape offenders.

The article continues:

Though the book was planned as a simple statistical analysis, Kickstarter banned the project for “hateful or offensive content,” according to Dagens Nyheter.

“As previous research shows that men from North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia are overrepresented in sexual offenses, this is extremely relevant to investigate – not least as the increase in rape coincides with a very large immigration of men from these regions,” Heberlein wrote on the project’s Kickstarter page.

God forbid someone try and link the problem of rape against women on mass immigration.

Further, what would happen if this research was fully funded and sent out to the world?

We would find that in 1995 there were only 116 reported gang rapes in Sweden. Fast forward to 2006 that number had jumped to 553: a 500% increase. One can only imagine how high that number must be today, given the stance of the Swedish government.

Since its open border policy continues, Sweden has a major problem with migrants raping local women. Sweden’s public records showed that 85 percent of all gang rapes or sexual assaults involving multiple attackers were committed by migrants.

It’s no wonder the government has stopped collecting statistics on the backgrounds of those who commit these heinous crimes because it would point back to their destructive open border policy.

So, the government decides to create other ridiculous ways to try and curb sexual violence.

Consider the ant-rape underwear that has just been created this year by a German designer to help protect women from being raped.

From The Daily Mail:

A German inventor has created rape-proof knickers in the wake of a spate of sex attacks.

The underwear comes equipped with a combination lock and a loud alarm, which goes off if they are tampered with.

German media has reported the pants are so popular some online shops have sold out.

Because of the lock, the pants cannot be pulled off and they are made with a material, which is almost impossible to cut through or tear.

The 130-decibel alarm is automatically activated if the garment is cut off.

The advertisement for the pants reads: ‘Scarcely a day passes without headlines of sexual assaults.

So instead of banning immigrants who commit such crimes women now have to wear special kinds of underwear to prevent from being attacked.

Think about how utterly ridiculous this is. I’m sure this “special underwear” can’t be all that comfortable. I’m sure it prohibits them from wearing the clothing they enjoy wearing. I can’t imagine not being able to wear a the dress I want while out on a date or out with some friends because it might reveal the bulky underwear I am forced to wear for protection.

These poor women have to change their entire world just because their government is not competent to deal with these growing attacks.

In addition to the new anti-rape underwear, Sweden now also hands out booklets to new immigrants and refugees asking them nicely not to rape the local women.

“The country is responding with the sex guidebook titled, Youmo In Practice, that’s supposed to teach young migrants about sex, health and gender so they understand that it’s inappropriate to rape people. It focuses on the subject of consent and that women are allowed to say no. Nyberg said it’s a difficult subject because migrants come from differing cultural backgrounds.”

Yes, pamphlets asking nicely ought to do the trick. Because the Islamic culture has such a good track record of obeying our western way of life.

Moreover, how is this considered “progressivism” or “feminism?”

When women have to have safe spaces, special underwear, and are advised not to wear valuables while out and about in their own towns is alarming. This oppressive policy puts women back decades, not forward.  It strips them of their freedom preventing them from gaining more independence in their lives.

The left immediately makes this into a race issue. Let’s be clear, it has nothing to do with a race but a culture that does not assimilate well into a western way of living. These attacks only prove the point that their way of living is not one we should adapt too.

So will Europe and countries like Sweden ever come to terms with why their culture is changing? If they refuse to consider this mass influx of “multi-culturalism” as the root problem of their rape culture the women of these countries will continue to be under attack.

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