CNN Hack Don Lemon LOSES IT When MLK’s Nephew Won’t Call Trump ‘Racist’

Don Lemon is undoubtedly the worst anchor in television, a distinction Melissa Harris-Perry held for some time.

Not anymore! Lemon epitomizes ignorance, and yet has the nerve to call other people out.

Lemon interviewed the nephew of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr, Isaac Newton Farris and tried to get him to say that Donald Trump is racist.

Imagine Lemon’s surprise when Farris didn’t agree.

“The President I do not think is a racist,” Farris began.

Farris added that perhaps Trump’s ‘sh*thole’ comment had to do with ignorance rather than racism.

I disagree with Farris on this point, but agree that Trump is in no way a racist. The fact that Lemon is obsessed with proving racism should cause the man to take pause.

As the interview continued, Farris frustrated Lemon more when he said that he had met with Trump, and considered the president a genius.

Don Lemon commented:

“Just because the president is not aware of his racism doesn’t make him not a racist. It makes him ignorant of the fact that he is racist. To be honest, it is tough to sit here and call President of the United States a liar. It is tough to sit here and call the President of the United States a racist, but you have to do that as a journalist. And guess what? You do it because you realize the person who is in that position has less respect for the office than you do, because if he respected the office and if he respected all of America and all of American people then he would listen to the majority of black people and brown people in this country who are trying to educate him and tell him he is exhibiting racist behavior. he’s not listening. he keeps doubling down on it.”

As most of civilized America knows, Don Lemon sees racism in clouds. He hears racism in the wind.

No wonder President Trump called Lemon, “The dumbest guy on the planet.”.

I couldn’t agree more.

Amazingly, Lemon apologized his scant viewers for having Farris on the show.

But what Lemon really apologized for is having somebody argue with him about his silly racist attitudes. What Lemon and most of CNN has become is “agree with me” news. They don’t want to actually debate the issues and hear the other side.

And this is why a Trump presidency is so needed at this time. A re-education of Leftist America occurs now. Trump forces these people to consider their ideology in ways they never imagine.

Consider the discussion a year from now, three years from now. When blacks are even more employed, and begin to experience “white privilege”, as we vacation more and spend more time with family and friends. What will CNN and others anti-Trumpers say? How can you sell the idea of racism, when the president makes things better?

In the past, Democrats could sell that concept because Republicans were too stupid to fight back effectively. Trump will destroy their narratives.

I’ve mentioned before that Lemon used to be much more reasonable as a “journalist”. Now however, he panders to a dwindling audience in hopes of getting a lifeline. For me, his desperation is clear.




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