Former Ferguson Spokesman CAUGHT with Meth

Ferguson made national news when Michael Brown, Jr decided to try to kill a cop.

The Obama administration scrutinized the once relatively peaceful village, creating a circus atmosphere with charges of racism against the city leaders.

This forced an overhaul of Ferguson, a blackening of the city government. The duly elected officials were pretty much ousted, and replaced by blacks. One such replacement was Jeff Small, who became the city’s spokesman in the wake of the event.

Small, 44, began working for the City of Ferguson following the August 2014 killing of Michael Brown by a local police officer. As Fox News reports, The former spokesman for the City of Ferguson was charged Tuesday with methamphetamine possession.

According to court documents, Jeff Small was pulled over January 6 in the 6500 block of Manchester Avenue, in the Ellendale neighborhood. The officer conducting the traffic stop noted one of the headlights on Small’s vehicle was out.

The officer learned Small had active warrants in other jurisdictions and took him into custody. While checking Small’s person, the officer found a plastic bag containing an unknown crystal substance and two glass pipes.

Police responding to the scene searched a fanny pack belonging to Small and found a plastic container, five plastic bags with suspected drug residue inside, dryer sheets, metal wiring, and an eyeglass case containing two pipes. The pipes also contained suspected drug residue.

Lab tests confirmed the substance in question to be methamphetamine.

Prosecutors charged Small with possession of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.

And here I thought meth was for white boys!

Small no longer works for the city, according to a city spokesman. If you are from St. Louis, small likely looks familiar to you.

Because, prior to his employment with the City of Ferguson, Small worked as a reporter at a St. Louis television station.

As for Ferguson, the hoopla began with Holder.

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. then announced a series of steps his department is taking, including a meeting held Thursday with civic leaders to calm tensions and an escalating civil rights probe in which federal investigators have already interviewed witnesses to the shooting.

In unusually blunt remarks, Holder said that he was “deeply concerned” about “the deployment of military equipment and vehicles’’ on Ferguson’s streets and that Missouri officials have accepted federal assistance “to conduct crowd control and maintain public safety without relying on unnecessarily extreme displays of force.’’

But that’s not what Holder really had planned for Ferguson.

Like his boss, Holder wanted a “blacker” Ferguson. Because how could a bunch of duly elected white people manage a city that is 68 percent black.

Because of Obama, we now have the term, The Ferguson Effect. But long before Obama, we had the impact of Democrat-run cities on blacks. Now Ferguson will get to experience that same thing.

And Jeff Small is just the beginning.

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