Public Defecation Map Shows San Francisco to be LITERAL SH*THOLE

Public Defecation Map Shows San Francisco to be LITERAL SH*THOLE

San Francisco may be known for its amazing vista views, but be careful where you step.

Because, the place is a literal sh*thole.

According to The Daily Caller, the poop is everywhere, and it’s human:

There is an ongoing debate currently going on in the country about what locations can be classified as shitholes. The debate sprung from a report that Donald Trump referred to some third world countries as “shitholes” in a meeting with lawmakers last week.

While the debate might rage on as to what constitutes a “shithole” of a country, one thing is not up for debate: the American city of San Francisco is a shithole.

We know this thanks to an interactive map created in 2014 called Human Wasteland.

The map charts all of the locations for human excrement “incidents” reported to the San Francisco police during a given month. The interactive map shows precise locations of the incidents by marking them with poop emojis:

So not only can you get shot and killed by an illegal, you might end up face-down in his CRAP!

As for public “relief”, San Francisco is not alone. As Fox News reports:

New Yorker City residents and visitors may see more public urination soon. That’s because the city council has decided that such activity will now draw a civil ticket, like breaking the speed limit, rather than a criminal summons.

The council — in a move that mirrors a similar action in Denver — also downgraded the severity of similar offenses, like public drunkenness. Instead of going before a criminal judge, offenders will be required to attend an administrative hearing.

The shift in policy is the result of the Criminal Justice Reform Act and critics say that it undermines the city’s long-time “broken windows” policing policy in which cracking down on minor offenses, like public urination, is deemed to prevent more serious crime from occurring, according to the New York Post.

Those who advocate for the new initiative say it will divert 100,000 cases a year from a backlogged criminal justice system and stop minor offenders from racking up a criminal record.

Can’t go clogging up the courts, when you can clog up the drains.

And what Denver, CO. Where does the average pothead go to relieve himself? In public, Silly.

KUSA reports:

City leaders and immigrant rights advocates argued the changes will protect Denver’s immigrant community from facing unintended consequences.

“Many times it becomes a deportable offense if you’ve been convicted of even a minor ordinance violation that’s punishable by a year in jail,” Mark Silverstein said, legal director for the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado.

Before the ordinance passed, all violations of Denver municipal code were punishable by up to a year in jail and/or a fine of up to $999.

The ordinance creates new sentencing categories that carry different penalties. Most municipal offenses (Class I) carry a maximum of 300 days in jail and up to a $999 fine. The “Class 2” offenses, however, have no fine and are considered “quality of life” offenses that mainly impact the homeless and migrants:

Class 2 offenses typically yield no fine and carry a maximum 60-day jail sentence. The crimes include:

Sitting or lying in the public right-of-way
Unauthorized camping on public or private property prohibited
Urinating or defecating in public
Curfews and closures
Storage and loading
Solicitation on or near street or highway

Why burden immigrants and the homeless with finding a public restroom, when dropping “trou” wherever will do. Can’t go inconveniencing these citizens, now can we?

Understand, America contains lots of these sh*tholes. They are called cities or major metropolitan areas.

Leftist goons posing as good guys rule these cities. Avoid these places, when possible.

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