Gun-Control: Watch this Almost-Victim Stop an Armed Thug

Gun-Control: Watch this Almost-Victim Stop an Armed Thug

When debating gun control laws leftists often reject the notion that there can be a good guy with a gun.

Yet, there are plenty of examples where an armed civilian puts a stop to what could have been a deadly crime.

And here is one of them.

The video shows a gunman who tried to rob families with young children outside a school. He was shot dead by a mother who turned out to be an off-duty police officer.

The shooting took place in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The criminal was stopped by Katia da Silva Sastre, a military police officer who arrived at the private school with her seven-year-old daughter for a Mother’s Day party.

 “I didn’t know if he was going to shoot the kids or the mothers or the security guard at the school door,” the officer said. “I just thought about defending the mums, the children, my own life and my daughter’s.”

The police department paid tribute to the officer. Then, Sao Paulo governor Marcio Franca said the officer showed” exterity, technique and courage.”

In spite of stories like this, the left remains in denial rejecting any good scenario of a good guy with a gun. Take for instance the shooting at a Texas church that happened in November of last year.

In that tragedy, a man named Devin Patrick Kelley opened fire on churchgoers at a Sunday service at a small Baptist church in Texas killing at least 26 people.

Shortly after Kelly started shooting an armed neighbor exchanged fire with Kelly injuring the gunman. Kelly fled to his car and was found dead by police.

And how did the left respond to another heroic action taken by an armed civilian?

Leftist writer Katherine Krueger of Splinter says the armed civilian didn’t do enough:

First things first: the “good guy with a gun” narrative, at least as the facts currently stand, doesn’t seem to fit here. The deadly shooting at the church was already over.

 A staggering 7% of the tiny community’s population had been either killed or wounded, and the gunman was leaving the church when the resident grabbed his own rifle to fight back. There’s no telling what Kelley’s further plans were, but our hero Texan was, unfortunately, too late to do much good for those in the church.

Or take what this crazy leftist writer, Rand Engel, had to say about why a good guy with a gun argument is flawed:

“Multiple deaths happen within seconds of the incident beginning, most within 5 minutesaccording to an FBI study. What is the GGG doing in those first seconds and minutes?”

This was just one point of many as to why he believes guns shouldn’t be allowed in our society at all. Gun grabbers prefer armed civilians do nothing because their efforts might not be perfect?

Should the criminal simply be allowed to get away to possibly harm more innocent people all because there is a chance he might not be stopped?

When you weigh the criminal’s intent versus that of potential harm by a good Samaritan, I will take the good Samaritan. I like the good guy with the gun.


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