Chuck Schumer Can’t Say Who Leads the Democratic Party

Chuck Schumer Can’t Say Who Leads the Democratic Party

Who leads the Democratic Party? Don’t ask Chuck Schumer.

Because the highest ranking Senate Democrat in the Senate can’t quite put his finger on the party leader.

Not surprising, given all the Democrats now face. Soon many of their “leaders” will face the criminal justice system. And I predict quite a few will find themselves behind bars.

Reports are the former Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe seeks immunity. Interestingly, when McCabe was fired, he accused President Trump of a witch hunt. Now that McCabe seeks a deal, one can only imagine the scurrying on the ship of rats the Democrats now sail.

Then there is the recent defection of anti-American, Jew-hating, ethnocentric racist Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) as #2 at the DNC. As crazy as this guy is, he knows it’s time to jump ship. As in thriller movies, so it is in the Democratic Party: blacks get killed first.

With Ellison, so went Bernie Sander’s hopes and dreams, as Ellison was said to lead the Sanders contingent of the Democrats. Yes, the Muslim partnered with the faux Jew.

So it’s no wonder Schumer can’t say who leads the party. He certainly doesn’t want that title:

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., refused to say who he thinks is the leader of the Democratic Party when pressed about the topic on CNN.

During an interview that aired Wednesday evening, the New York Democrat deflected inquiries about the significance of former President Barack Obama planning to appear at multiple Democratic fundraisers in the run-up to the 2018 midterms.

“It is so rare for a former president not to help the party that they were part of,” he said when asked by host Chris Cuomo who is the leader of the Democrats. “It’s nothing new. It’s not unusual, it doesn’t say there’s a total embrace. It doesn’t say they’re going to campaign everywhere. That’s how it is. As for the head of the party, we don’t have a presidential candidate, but the leaders of the Democratic Party are pretty much on the same page when it comes to what we want to do.”

Was Schumer being coy not mentioning himself? I doubt it. And what of Nancy Pelosi, who earlier in the year seemed all but certain to get back the gavel after the mid-terms?

As Trump might say, “Nyet!”.

But Schumer isn’t the only one who can’t name the Democratic Party leader:

The question of who leads the Democratic Party has been a tough one for Democrats; for instance Rep. Seth Moulton, D-Mass., acknowledged how his “silence” was telling when asked about it this week.

Let’s see if we can help the poor Democrats?

Is the party leader Barack Obama?

I don’t know of any Democrat campaigning who has requested Obama be a part, save possibly members of the Congressional Black Circus. If you know of a non-black Democrat willing to campaign with Obama, please comment.

Not to mention, I suspect after the Russian Collusion “investigation” ends, Obama might find himself on a gag order…from his defense attorney.

Will the Democrats put Bill Clinton in the game?

After all, he is their first black president, and an excellent campaigner. Back in February, Politico wrote that Bill Clinton was already shelved.

Democrats are looking to embrace the #MeToo moment and rally women to push back on President Donald Trump in the midterms—and they don’t want Bill Clinton anywhere near it.

In a year when the party is deploying all their other big guns and trying to appeal to precisely the kind of voters Clinton has consistently won over, an array of Democrats told POLITICO they’re keeping him on the bench. They don’t want to be seen anywhere near a man with a history of harassment allegations, as guilty as their party loyalty to him makes them feel about it.

And Bill Clinton certainly hasn’t done himself any favors in his recent book tour.

But what of the new and improved Clinton of the Hillary kind?

Does any Democrat candidate dare wheel Hillary Clinton out on his or her (ze or zim) campaign? Only a fool would consider it.

Hillary Clinton has a treasure trove of problems facing her. Her family’s foundation is under fire, and like Obama, she will be charged with crimes soon.

The Democrats tipped their “Nuclear Hillary” strategy with the War on Women, but America didn’t buy it. Kirsten Hillebrand was to be the torch-bearer in 2018, but that twizzler fizzled, fast.

Now all Hillary Clinton offers is Toxic Femininity.

Who’s left?

Corey “Angry Black Man” Booker? He turned his chances into a “sh*thole”.

Kamala Harris? Seriously. She’s dumber than Biden.

Check out what she thinks the CIA should be focused on when questioning Mike Pompeo.

Speaking of Biden, you won’t believe where the Democrats see him.

Here’s what The Hill reported on Biden’s chances in 2020.

After a stunning 2016 election defeat, Democrats have been looking for new faces and new leadership.

But one Democrat in particular has run counter to that idea: Joe Biden.

The former vice president has been the front-runner in some early 2020 Democratic primary polls while drawing a constant stream of news coverage. He’s scheduled to headline a series of events for Democrats running in the upcoming midterm elections.

Some Democrats are becoming increasingly convinced that the plain-spoken Scranton, Pa., native — decidedly not a fresh face for the party after serving eight years as vice president — nonetheless is the one to take on President Trump in the next election.

“A fresh face is important, but Democrats need three things: someone to win the White House, someone who can elevate the rest of the ticket and a candidate who understands and appreciates governance where this president has shown disdain for it,” said Basil Smikle, a Democratic strategist who served as the executive director of the New York Democratic Party. “Biden fits that bill.”

Another top Democratic strategist said Biden makes “total sense” even up against the notion of fresh voices in 2020.

Unbelievable that Democrats would trot out a 16-year old “thoroughbred” to run the Kentucky Derby.

But when you have nothing else, retreads look pretty good.

The fact that no Democrat can pick a leader tells all. Ask who leads the Republican Party and you won’t get “Who shot John?”. Donald Trump leads the Republicans.

And here’s the real irony: Trump leads the Democratic Party as well.





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