Video: Bullies Point Gun at Autistic Boy

Want to know the state of America under Leftism?

This video encapsulates much of it.

A 13-year old boy is on his knees. Other boys yell at him. There’s a gun held to his head, as the others make demeaning demands. “Kiss his feet,” they repeatedly badger in the video circulating on social media. Then the boys pull the gun away from their victim’s head and punch him.

His mother, Emily Bridges, told FOX 4KC that her son has autism. According to Bridges, he came home with bruises but she didn’t know what happened until she saw the footage which is now viral on the web.

“I was hurt,” Bridges FOX 4 KC. “I was angry. I was crying. I was mad. I was upset because he didn’t defend himself.”

She said police were apathetic to her concerns when she filed a complaint about the incident.

“He just really said that they’re minors. There’s not a lot that happens to them.”

The Independence Police Department announced Tuesday that one of the assailants turned himself in. The two other juvenile suspects were taken into custody. However, the legal consequences won’t repair the damage done to this young boy. Especially since autism makes processing difficult situations even harder.

The Dangers of Bullying

Statistics show kids with disabilities are far more likely to be bullied. In fact, 60% of students will special needs report being bullied. The rate is closer to 25% among students without special needs.

For children with autism, it is extremely difficult to form secure attachments. Now imagine spending ten or more years working to build a secure attachment with your child. Imagine the countless hours working with doctors and therapists to create a secure environment so your child can achieve the normal milestones other kids reach easily, such as walking home from school.

Then, imagine the devastation when a little group of thugs wipes out all your hard work with a punch in the face and a gun.

Liberals work hard to instill violence in their children. Further, they destroy our schools with their leftist indoctrination.

Then, they bully anyone who thinks differently. Sadly, young children like the boy in this video are the victims of the decay of family values. Thanks to left, the mother of the bullies will likely defend her son’s actions and demand no consequences for his behavior.

As you watch this disturbing video, consider what children raised by Conservatives are doing. I bet they’re out playing baseball and selling Girl Scout cookies. Clearly, I don’t need to know the parents of these bullies to tell you that these kids are NOT being raised by Conservatives.
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