If Fake Bomb-Maker Was a Muslim Would Media STILL CARE

Holy Mother of Muhammad, the media gushes over this fake bomb-maker! Just not like Clock Boy.

What about the real bomb makers? The Muslims.

Oh that’s right. It’s not politically correct to discuss the group of people who actually do blow up innocent people. Particularly when there is a fake Republican to blame.

The fake news media’s fawning over the fact that people got packages mailed to them that had NO possibility of exploding yet still calling them “bombs” hasn’t gone unnoticed on the discerning among us.

Although no Democrats were hurt in the making of this fake bomb melodrama, that’s no reason to end the fanfare.

MSNBC’s  Ruhle worried about the potential real bombs during Halloween: 

Partial transcript:

Stephanie Ruhle speaking to former ATF Special Agent Jim Cavanaugh:

“We are a day away from people – I realize actual Halloween night is next Wednesday – but this weekend, you’re going to have people all over New York City and other cities in masks, carrying packages. This is one of the scarier times in our calendar year.”

 “How does law enforcement handle themselves at a time like this?”

Cavanaugh responds, actually given credence to this nonsense, at least as it relates to the fake bomb maker:

“I want to focus this a little bit for you and the audience….These bombs and these parcels are very small. But it’s not gonna kill anyone on street who’s running away. So one thing to get in your mind is this is a targeted bomb. This is not a massive car bomb placed in the street that can kill people for blocks. So I just want to just help people understand the type of device you’re dealing with here.”

No Cavanaugh, that is not the device we’re dealing with here.

We are dealing with FAKE BOMBS, no more dangerous than getting a package from Victoria’s Secret.

Cavanaugh finishes:

“So just keep that in mind. It’s not an at-large danger to everyone on the street in Manhattan for a parcel bomb that’s found in a mail sorting facility.”

Duly noted.

This is the nonsense that poses as sensible news and commentary for the Left. Why bother pointing out all the inconsistencies with the fake news story, when one can scare the trick-or-treaters?

Ask yourself a simple question.

When Muslims shoot up gay nightclubs or Christmas parties in El Segundo, did the press promote additional shootings?

The same question can be asked about bombings.

When any Muslim-inspired atrocities occur, the Left pulls out the script. They remind us to not feed into our need for revenge. Then they tell us that Islam is really the religion of peace.

When this fake bomb-making fake Republican is caught in a heinous act, the press offers no such quarter.

Instead, the blame the president, and warn of more potential harm that could come.

The good news is the media have pulled this tactic so often, American are no immune.



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