President Trump Delivers Another MASSIVE Trade Deal

Donald Trump knows how to negotiate to win.

And he just notched another win, as another one bites the dust. 

According to Fox Business:

The United States and Canada confirmed Sunday they had reached a deal on a “new, modernized trade agreement,” which is designed to replace the 1994 NAFTA pact.

In a joint statement the two nations said the new deal would be called the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

I love that Trump renamed the agreement, destroying NAFTA as he destroyed Obama’s legacy.

Now the USMCA defines the Trump era trade agreement. And don’t think the USMC reference gets lost on me.

Trump negotiated like a Marine. And Americans know that Trump undoubtedly negotiated a better deal for America.

The article continues,

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said following a cabinet meeting, “It’s a good day for Canada.”

Trudeau plans to address the media on the deal on Monday.

What else can Trudeau say? The world knows that he just got his boney Canadian ass kicked. Trump wouldn’t have it any other way. However, President Trump will allow Trudeau to put a bit of spin on it to save face. As long as America wins, Trump doesn’t care how you spin it.

Even the loser in a fight can tell the story any way he wants when he gets home. Nevertheless, make no mistake about it; America won, Canada lost.

Since America maintains a trade deficit against Canada, Trudeau receives wiggle room to make this look like a win. Regardless, we know that Canada lost ground to the U.S.

Ever since Trump negotiated the trade deal with Mexico, Trudeau found himself under increasing pressure to get a deal worked out for Canada.

Reuters reported,

Signs are growing that hitherto solid domestic support for Ottawa’s stance is fraying amid fears of the potential economic damage. The United States takes 75 percent of Canada’s goods exports and President Donald Trump is threatening to impose tariffs on autos.

Freeland defended Ottawa’s stance on Tuesday, saying “any negotiator who goes into a negotiation believing that he or she must get a deal at any price … (will) be forced to pay the maximum price for that deal.”

That approach though is starting to worry some.

“The problem with the bold statement that ‘No deal is better than a bad deal’ is that a bad deal is very much in the eye of the beholder,” said John Manley, a former Liberal finance minister who heads the Business Council of Canada, which groups many chief executives.
“Anyone who thought … we were going to get something better than what we had under NAFTA 1.0 was delusional. We knew that this was all about taking some things away,” Manley said by phone on Tuesday.

Anybody think that the nation running a trade deficit and takes 75 percent of your exports won’t get a better deal is delusional. The only question is what will President Trump allow Canada to maintain.

Trump campaigned on dissolving NAFTA, and he’s officially done it. He rightfully blamed the horrible trade deal for killing American jobs, then he began bringing those jobs back, much to the chagrin of Barack Obama and those who supported the policy where America receive an annual trade ass-kicking.

When Trudeau tried to play Tommy Toughbutt a few months back, Trump announced a side deal with Mexico. Further, President Trump articulated that excluding Canada remained a possibility.

“Canada has taken advantage of our country for a long time. We love Canada … but they are in a position that is not a good position,” Trump told reporters on Tuesday, complaining about high Canadian dairy tariffs.

You can bet the Canadians knew Trump was no Obama.

He said what he meant (routinely), and he meant what he said. Thus, U.S. negotiators pressed for more access to Canada’s protected dairy market.

The article continues,

Doug Ford, the premier of Ontario – Canada’s most populous province and center of the auto industry – will meet Canadian negotiators on Wednesday to express his concerns.

“You’re all hearing the rumors that we are hearing, that maybe they don’t want a deal. So we’re going down there to say that ‘You bloody well need to get a deal’,” Ontario trade minister Jim Wilson said on Monday.

Trudeau’s Liberals have no chance of winning a federal election set for October 2019 unless they do well in Ontario.

Great win for President Trump. I look forward to seeing out trade imbalance drop dramatically over the next year.



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