Prisoner Demands Outrageous Trade Deal

Schools aren’t the only institutions inundated with liberalism. Apparently the prisons are even worse.

For years, average Americans have been outraged over the rising quality of life in prison. It started out with three hots and a cot. Now it’s cable TV and free healthcare.

Going to prison isn’t meant to be a vacation at Club Med. It’s supposed to be a miserable punishment. After all, we don’t give upstanding citizens twenty years to life.

Now one prisoner pushed the system to another level of twisted. Eight years ago, a Michigan man killed his wife and buried her body.

In 2011, Doug Stewart was convicted of murder, even though the body of his wife, Venus, was never found. And every year, for the past 8 years, police visited Stewart in prison, asking for her whereabouts.

The Sturgis Journal reports:

The family of Venus Stewart finally can get closure in the murder of their mother and daughter.

On Monday, Doug Stewart, convicted of the murder, led police to her remains.

The remains were found in a deep grave in a wooded area of Wakeshma Township in Kalamazoo County. Police said the landowner was not related to Stewart, but Stewart and his father had cut wood on the property, located near U Avenue.

What Changed?

So, why, after 8 years of keeping his mouth shut, did Steward finally do the right thing? Unfortunately, he didn’t grow a conscious. Instead, he cut a deal.

In exchange for giving up his burial site, Stewart was rewarded with an Xbox. Further, he will be allowed to participate in other extra-curricular prison programs.

Obviously, we all want the family of Venus Stewart to have closure. But did we really have to bribe this monster with video games? Let’s just be very clear. Stewart traded a dead body for an Xbox.

Alternate Ideas

Why didn’t we try putting this guy in the electric chair. Not to kill him, just to buzz him a few times until the truth came spewing out. Or how ’bout digging a hole and throwing him in it. As the dirt piled on top of him, I’m pretty sure he would’ve anted up.

Any way you slice this, it’s just wrong. You don’t take a kid to Disneyland for shoplifting. Unless of course, you’re an entitled leftist.

Sadly, the prison defended the move. Apparently the Xbox isn’t hooked up to the internet and don’t have any violent games.

First of all, I don’t care if he’s playing Mine Craft or Grand Theft Auto. He murdered his wife. He should be atoning for his sins- not sitting on a couch with a controller in hand. Surely, they still have Bibles in prisons. Or did liberals decide God was a violation of their human rights?

Secondly, if you watch Orange is the New Black, you already know prisons are full of burner phones. And where there is a burner phone, there’s a burner hot spot. Imagine the scams these criminals can pull off with an internet connection.

And just who is providing the batteries for said controllers? The taxpayers? Because I can’t afford batteries for my own kids half the time. Therefore, I certainly don’t appreciate bank-rolling the prison play-time.

As the mother of seven kids, I’ve heard a lot of begging for an Xbox. Sadly, it’s out of my price range. However, thanks to this ridiculous move, I can always tell my kids “murder someone and you just might get what you want, but only if you bury the body yourself.”






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