Florida Democrats Caught: ‘Destroying Ballots Isn’t Fraud’

Democrats openly thumb their noses at the law.

When they brazenly gave Hillary a pass, they also thumbed their noses at regular Americans. Because they thought they could get away with it.

Days after the election, Florida’s Broward County, notorious for voter fraud, continues to produce ballots and votes for Democrats.

Florida election supervisor, Brenda Snipes, mixed provisional ballots that were invalid because the voter had registered too late or had voted at the wrong precinct along with 205 provisional ballots, processing them all together.

The 205 ballots had been set aside then counted in a voting machine, though the results weren’t added to the election’s final total vote count, the Miami Herald reported.

As of Saturday night, no solution to the mistake had been found. Snipes, who has previously destroyed voter ballots and was recently accused of not removing dead voters from the voter rolls, has yet to disclose how many ballots are still not counted, despite the election for governor and Senate occurring Tuesday.

Why isn’t she in jail?

That’s what most Americans want to know. And rightfully so. 

Apparently, like Hillary Clinton, Snipes too is above the law. But before we imagine what the outcry would be from Democrats if this were done by a Republican in support of Republican candidates, let’s look at how Democrats view what Snipes did.

Florida Democratic Party attorney and partner at Berger Singerman, Leonard Samuels insists that destroying ballots is not election fraud.

Samuel attended the Broward County Elections Supervisor press conference on Saturday where he was confronted by investigative journalist Laura Loomer.

From the interview:

Laura Loomer: Do you think that it’s appropriate for Brenda Snipes to overseeing this given the fact that a judge ruled that she already destroyed ballots in a race between Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Tim Canova? I mean, that seems a little unethical for her to be overseeing this?

Leonard Samuels: Of course she should oversee this. She was appointed by a Republican governor Jeb Bush. She’s been reelected several times by the voters of Broward County… There’s been not one iota of fraud. There’s been not one iota of corruption.

Laura Loomer: There has though. A judge ruled she destroyed ballots in the race between Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Tim Canova. So how can you say that there’s not any shred of evidence of corruption when she destroyed ballots? If you’re an elections supervisor shouldn’t destroying ballots be an automatic disqualification for overseeing elections.

Leonard Samuels: I don’t qualify that as fraud or corruption.

Laura Loomer: You don’t qualify the destruction of legitimate ballots as fraud or corruption?

Leanard Samuels: It was way, way after the election. Debbie Wasserman Schultz won that election.

Laura Loomer: You don’t not think that is fraud? And you’re a lawyer for the Democrat Party?

Where is the law? What is the media outrage?

Don’t hold your breath, Nationalists. Democrats don’t see their obvious crimes for what they are. Because for Leftists, the end justifies the means.

For more than 2 years, CNN claimed manufactured “Russian collusion” represented a “constitutional crisis.” Today, CNN pretends to know nothing about actual election meddling occurring in Florida.

We don’t need a special counsel for this investigation, as we have all the villains on camera. And they wonder why President Trump constantly bashes them?

Snipes steals elections. And she’s isn’t a turtle on a fence post. For the record, Democrats planted many “Snipes” all over the country to steal elections. Because that’s what Democrats do.

No longer do their policies resonate with their own. Frankly, Democrats live in constant fear of gaining sanity, thus outing themselves as Conservatives. So they walk that thin line. But they don’t jump away from the left until they’re sure they won’t suffer financially.

America needs to begin putting these scoundrels in prison. We have two years to address these egregious acts of defiance and obvious lawbreaking.

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