NY Wants Bill Requiring Your Social Media History to Purchase Gun

Now you know why Leftists want to control social media.

Thus, Facebook, Google, Twitter all conspire against Conservatives. And this latest tactic shows how these groups plan to partner to destroy the America we know.

According to ABC Action News reported. legislation drafted by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and State Senator Kevin Parker, both Democrats, allows up to three years’ worth of search history on social media to be reviewed in consideration for a gun license.

Senate Bill 9191 states,

“social media and search engine reviews prior to the approval of an application or renewal of a license to carry or possess a pistol or revolver; requires a person applying for a license to carry or possess a pistol or revolver or a renewal of such license to consent to having his or her social media accounts and search engine history reviewed and investigated for certain posts and/or searches over a period of 1-3 years prior to the approval of such application or renewal; defines terms.”

And what are they looking for?

Anything that won’t violate the rights of criminals, but would keep honest gun owners from being able to purchase them.

Thus, under the proposed legislation, law enforcement officials could investigate your First Amendment rights:

“commonly known profane slurs used or biased language used to describe race, national origin, ancestry, gender, religion, disability or sexual orientation; threatening health or safety of another person, or an act of terrorism.”

Keep in mind that most of the heinous attacks on citizens of America were put on social media, and the government didn’t stop the attacks. But for a person asking for a legal gun, Leftists want restrictions?

Paul McQuillen, director of the Buffalo chapter of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, said,

“There should be more restrictions on how guns are purchased. We should have more background checks. We’ve obviously seen some of the mass shooters have a social media history that should have sent red flags”.

I have a suggestion; monitor the social media of young Muslim men.

They are certainly more dangerous than any gun. Have New York politicians looked at the amount of terrorism committed and planned by young Muslim men?

And while you’re at it, monitor the social media of certain black teens. They commit almost 50 percent of the violent crime in America. One group was so brazen, they gang-raped a young black woman on Facebook live.

But don’t expect Democrats to respond to real world crime and terror. Because those pesky law-abiding gun owners lay in wait. You know, to hunt, target shoot, and PROTECT THEMSELVES from Leftists and a tyrannical government.

If the Democrats get their way, they will monitor social media for anything that doesn’t fit their narrative of kumbaya. And Conservatives don’t fit the narrative. We’re too disruptive with our logic, reason, and common sense.

What will Zuckerberg do?

Well, first he will pay off Democrat politicians to support this idea.

Then Zuckerberg will set up a “fair” panelist of Silicon Valley Millennials who will evaluate each potential gun owners’ Facebook account.

And if you’ve ever commented negatively about Barack Obama, you will never own a firearm. Because for the Facebook Millennial, you are a black person-hating racist, who is a menace to society.

Further, if you’ve ever complimented Donald Trump, pre or post-presidency, then you are a cross-burning member of the KKK who should be shot with the very gun you wished to purchase.

Exception: if you are a Democrat, politician seeking funds from Trump, or hip hop artist, you get a pass on your previous love of Trump.

We’ve given far too much power to Leftists in social media.

I implore you to consider joining the Conservative version of Facebook, TeaPartyCommunity.org, where you can exercise your true First Amendment rights.

In case you missed the point, Democrats will do anything to destroy your Second Amendment rights.


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