Guess What Group Might Sue Starbucks Now?

Some companies know how to create controversy.

Leftist companies love to stir things up. They create problems they then claim they need to solve. 

Like Target and the transgender bathroom issue. Until some Leftist decided that transgender bathrooms was a problem, most of us never bothered. Trans just picked a bathroom, and let ‘er rip. But Target decided to weigh in on the issue. Things worked out poorly for them.

In another example involving the bathroom for a different reason, Starbucks made headlines.

Remember when the two black guys wanted to use the bathroom, and the Starbucks manage in Philly dared to ask them to buy something first? The horror of actually asking people to buy something before they can use your services.

Starbucks spent millions to educate their employees that Starbucks is not a coffee house, but instead a public bathroom. Thank God, Starbucks took such a bold stance on where would people in Philly use the non-transgender-approved bathroom?

Now, Starbucks yet again takes a bold but controversial stance at its establishments.

According to Fox News, Starbucks is banning porn searches:

Starbucks is not here for your creepy Internet searches — and YouPorn is not happy about it.

The coffee chain is now adding content filters to its free Wi-Fi that will block patrons from watching explicit content in stores, almost three years after it said it would.

Starbucks first announced the inclusion of a tool that would prevent customers from watching pornography inside the store in 2016, after McDonald’s made the decision to block inappropriate content on its in-store Wi-Fi.

Though watching porn has also been prohibited at the store, Starbucks has said it will finally introduce the content blockers in 2019 to make the content inaccessible.

Finally! After three years Starbucks addressed the issue.

Let’s hope banning the use of their internet for porn helped with the problems of prostitutes having sex and drug addicts shooting up heroin in the Starbucks bathrooms as well?

I’m not a consultant to Starbucks, but if your patrons are watching porn in your stores, you’ve lost the meaning of your mission.

I know people go to coffee shops for the warm experiences of getting that caffeine jolt in a comfortable setting. But what’s next. given Starbucks’ approach to business? Starbucks Hotels adjacent to the coffee shops?

For the record, most public wifi have some safeguards against porn. But for Starbucks it took three years to finally implement. And not voluntarily as the article suggests:

The move comes after years of pressure from non-profit Internet safety organization Enough is Enough, which called on the corporate coffee chain to censor the content, claiming its open Internet access allows sex offenders to break the law with impunity.

I can see the show now. “Coffee Talk with Sex Offenders”, sponsored by Starbucks.

Does anybody see a lawsuit by sex offenders in Starbucks’ future. I mean, why not? The organization is a soft touch, when it comes to frivolous lawsuit payouts.

What about those addicted to porn who frequent Starbucks for their “fix”? They too have a potential case against the coffee giant.

I’m no attorney, but I suggest taking away one’s porn privileges during coffee time violates some Leftist tenet. It won’t take long before some creepy porn lawyer decides to wage a lawsuit against the coffee and bathrooms-for-vagrants chain. Lord knows, Michael Avenatti could use a boost to his career.

Interestingly, I guess Starbucks don’t want to lose their pedophile and sexual offender traffic for the holidays, because they aren’t blocking porn access until 2019.

The Fox News article continues,

Though watching porn has also been prohibited at the store, Starbucks has said it will finally introduce the content blockers in 2019 to make the content inaccessible.

Porn prohibited? Sure; whatever

I’ve been to many Starbucks, and I’ve never seen a “porn monitor”. Hell, I’ve never seen a bathroom monitor.

Frankly, I’d love to see one of the Baristas tell somebody to stop watching porn on their computer. Wouldn’t that be a sight!?

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