REVEALED: Boris the Robot as FAKE as Robert Mueller

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has a lot in common with Boris the Russian robot Because both are frauds.

As INews reported,

A robot hailed in Russia as the latest in cutting-edge technology has been unmasked – as a man in a suit.

The android – known as Boris – had been lauded on the state-owned broadcaster Russia-24 as a technological breakthrough with the ability to walk, talk and dance.

But photos later revealed there had been a person inside all along.

While Boris is a real person, he is a fake robot. And while Mueller is a real person, he is a fake investigator. But America didn’t need to see his neck under the suit to know this about Mueller.

But there were revelations about Mueller that surprisingly mimic Boris the Robot.

The article continues,

The revelation came after a number of unconvinced Russian journalists began to question the robot’s authenticity. They are reported to have questioned the android’s lack of external sensors, how it was made so quickly and why the robot had made so many “unnecessary movements” when showing off its dancing skills.

Unnecessary movements? Sounds familiar.

The Fed tasked Mueller with investigating about Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. But instead he expanded his scope arbitrarily with many more “moves”. But instead of those moves uncovering anything about the Russians, the moves exposed the man in the suit.

Mueller’s pursuit of General Michael Flynn showcased the first unnecessary movement. That particular movement will come back to haunt Mueller and team. We’ve learned from Comey that Flynn never should have been prosecuted. And yet Mueller convicted the man.

Next, Mueller’s pursuit of Carter Page. The man who started it all and was the subject of the dossier netted Mueller nothing, except embarrassment. Talk about a guy “moonwalking” at a Latin dance festival.

It’s as if Mueller begs to be caught.

What was the meaning of Boris to the Russians?

According to Times Live, Boris was to be a showcase of Russian artificial intelligence superiority. A sort of Rocky vs Drago in high-tech.

A Russian robot named Boris that appeared on national television to showcase the country’s technological progress turned out to be a man in a suit.

Television network Russia 24 praised the robot for its ability to speak and dance. However, many viewers were not convinced as Boris was more flexible and possessed more human-like behaviour than your average AI robot.

The Left gave Mueller a task. His Russian investigation was to be a show of Leftism versus Conservatism. Obama administration and weaponizing of the Fed versus Trump. And all Mueller needed to do was showcase a few moves. He wasn’t supposed to Cha-cha at a waltz.

Mueller’s moves exposed the man the Left touted Mueller as the most honest man in DC.

Mueller is a robot, they claimed; unfazed by politics. But in fact, Mueller is a “fixer” and a partisan hack of the highest order. Mueller’s partisanship is not conjecture but fact.

Consider Mueller’s almost single-minded pursuit of Trump and his associates. He’s practically ignored the obvious Russian connections with the Clintons and many in the Obama administration. And in a case of real irony, Mueller wholly missed the connection with an actual and admitted Russian spy, namely Maria Buttina. Instead, the NY feds got that conviction. Meanwhile the man tasked with connecting Russian spies to politics convicted a Scandinavian attorney and a low-level Trump staffer who served 12 days in jail and paid a fine that a laughable fine.

Further, Mueller’s complete ignoring of the scandals plaguing an obviously biased FBI provides even more proof. Any charges against Andy McCabe? What about Peter Stzrok? Lisa Page? James Comey? They all have lied under oath.

And what of James Clapper and John Brennan, both admitted liars under oath?

If that’s not enough, then what about the Clinton campaign staffers? The Podestas comet o mind, as well as her IT staffer who pleaded the Fifth?

Next, what of her Secretary of State staff? Crooked Comey and team granted them preemptive immunity.

When the dust settles, Mueller and team will go down. And he will oversee the toppling of many Democrats. Because DC is void of robots. They are just politicians making their dance moves, hoping to remain undetected.

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