Democrats Still Hope Manafort Will Bring Down Trump

Democrats strategy of regurgitating crap won’t work. But Leftists are used to seeing sh*t strategies work, thus they keep trying.

What they never counted on is a fighter. They expected more of the same. After all, Trump declared as a Republican. So the old trick should work, right?

He’s a rich Republican male, so for Democrats the first charge is Trump is a sexist womanizer. I can only imagine Trump thinking, “I’m a billionaire playboy. What do you expect…NEXT!”.

Then Democrats called him racist. A charge never levied against Trump. And as history would PROVE, he’s anything but a racist.

Trump pretty much ignored these charges. And it worked because Democrats have used the race card so often, it was as if they whispered in a hurricane.

The Democrats weren’t sure, but somehow they would get Trump. Even if they had to make sh*t up. And so they did.

Enter Russian collusion. And again Trump kicked their sorry asses, turning the fake news collusion on the real crooked Democrats.

But just when you think Democrats have learned their lesson, they surprise you. And now we get more hope on Mueller.

As American Spectator reported,

If members of the Mueller team had found the Holy Grail of impeachable material against Trump, they would have leaked it by now. Consequently, the media’s latest cries of “collusion” ring hollow. They are based not on a leak from the Mueller team but from an accidental disclosure by Manafort’s lawyers that one of Mueller’s accusations against him is that he lied when asked about sharing “polling data” with a Russian. In the media’s heavy-breathing reports, this Russian is described as tied to the Kremlin, a category into which most prominent Russians can be placed, but in this case that sensationalized description is even more underwhelming, since the Russian in question is Konstantin Kilimnik, a longstanding business partner of Manafort’s.

Sharing polling data?

If he did, what would it matter.

If anybody should be imprisoned for polling data, it’s Democrats. They fooled themselves into believing Hillary Clinton would win the election. One would think lots of people would have been put behind bars for this.

As for Manafort, again there is nothing to see here, as the article suggests.

Once again, the media is repackaging old and unimportant news as an incriminating scoop. It has been known since long before his firing that Manafort worked with Russians in his lobbying business. Whatever “collusion” this latest tidbit in the story involved, it appears to have been directed toward bolstering Manafort’s business, not the Trump campaign. It may put Manafort’s overlapping interests in a bad light, but it doesn’t implicate Trump. There is no evidence that Trump even knew about Manafort’s sharing of campaign poll data with a business partner. According to the New York Times, most of the data was public anyways, and it appears to have been shared for the purpose of improving Manafort’s business interests. He may have needed to impress Russians who owed him money.

I can only imagine Trump laughing as stories like this surface. We wrote also of the testimony of Trump’s former attorney who will testify before Congress. Democrats salivate, knowing that Cohen yielded nothing when he was brutalized privately by Mueller. What could they possibly expect him to say publicly?

Where will Manafort’s story end up?

The article suggests nowhere, given the information uncovered.

The storyline that Manafort coordinated with a business partner to help his own business doesn’t sound quite as good as “Manafort Gave A Russia Liaison 2016 Voter Data,” the headline the New York Times put on its piece. The Times botched a key detail in the story too: “A previous version of this article misidentified the people to whom Paul Manafort wanted a Russian associate to send polling data. Mr. Manafort wanted the data sent to two Ukrainian oligarchs, Serhiy Lyovochkin and Rinat Akhmetov, not to Oleg V. Deripaska, a Russian oligarch close to the Kremlin.”

At what point do Democrats drop the Ruskie Ruse?

When it finally blows up in their faces. And that day approaches fast. Because as this latest salvo suggests, Democrats continue reaching for straws.

How will the public react when it is revealed that Democrats set this ruse in motion? I believe Democrats will revolt. So imagine the desperation on the part of Democrat “leadership”, as they contemplate their futures.

By summer, we will know a lot more. And it won’t bode well for Democrats.


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