History of Government Shutdowns: Trump Gives Democrats RUDE AWAKENING

Anybody dying during the government shutdown?

Let me ask this another way. How many people do you know who are truly impacted by the shutdown? I know one. 

A couple I know is trying to close on a house. Though they were pre-approved, there was an issue with verifying their income, so they needed to get their tax-returns from the IRS. Because of the shutdown, they weren’t able to re-verify the info. So they are in limbo on getting a house that neither of them is overly excited about. They are just tired of renting.

I know…painful story of life and death in the Trump era of the government shutdown. My hope is President Trump makes Democrats eat this serving of Trumpian crow.

Democrats talk tough on issues like the shutdown. So, I call them “Tina and Tommy Toughasses”.

Keyboard commandos who always threaten, but mostly do nothing. And usually they don’t have to. Because most people can be bullied by “talk”. Not Trump.

Trump trained to be a leader. But unlike Democrats’ Machiavellian cutthroat training to get ahead, Trump actually learned to accomplish things. His training represented a means to an end. And in his previous life, the end meant something magnificent was created.

A fantastic skyscraper, a plush resort, and so on. And Trump is so proud of his creations, he puts his name on them. More importantly, he put his money behind them.

Contrast this with politicians. Most have accomplished little, except to win elections. They enrich themselves with “public service”, then pretend to be magnanimous. The only thing they put their names on is legislation. Politicians aren’t fighters, but ruthless cowards who use our money to do their dirty work.

So when I see or hear Democrats talking tough on various issues, I chuckle. President Trump knows their tactics. Worse yet for them, Trump is a problem-solver, par excellent. He only knows how to win. Some wins require more creativity and take a bit longer, but in the end he wins. And Trump will win on the government shutdown and his wall.

History of government shutdowns:

There have been 22 government shutdowns, including the one happening now. The current shutdown will soon be #2 on the list for longest shutdowns.

Prior to this particularly Trump era shutdown, the last occurred from October 1 to October 17, 2013 during the Obama administration.

The reason for the shutdown centered on Obamacare. Below is how Politico described the event:

The partisan gridlock in Washington proved insurmountable, as House Republicans continue to insist on changing, delaying or defunding Obamacare as the price for keeping the government open, while Senate Democrats and President Barack Obama firmly rejected that position.

As with almost all the modern-day shutdowns, here are the numbers.

During government shutdowns, approximately 800,000 federal employees are indefinitely furloughed. They are considered “non-essential” employees. Another 1.3 million are required to report to work without known payment dates. Only those government services deemed “excepted” under the Antideficiency Act are continued; and only those employees deemed “excepted” continued to report to work.

The Obama era shutdown over Obamacare lasted only 16 days, and was the third-longest in U.S. history.

There a 21-day shutdown in 1995-96.

As CNN reported, this was a showdown over budget.

In 1995 and 1996, disagreement over federal spending levels between the Republican-controlled Congress — led by House Speaker Newt Gingrich — and then-President Bill Clinton led the government to partially shut down twice.

Remember the “Contract for America” sponsored by the Republican-controlled Congress, specifically Speaker Newt Gingrich? This led to a balanced budget for the first time in decades.

Finally, there was an 18-day shutdown in 1978.

Here’s how the Washington Post reported on it.

Congress passed a defense bill including funding for a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. Carter judged that carrier wasteful and vetoed it. He also vetoed a public works appropriations bill because of water projects that he considered wasteful pork. Additionally, spending for HEW was delayed, once again, over a dispute concerning funding for abortion.

What resolved it? A new defense bill, excluding funding for the carrier, was passed, as was a new public works bill excluding the water projects Carter opposed. The previous year’s compromise solution on abortion, in which funding was reserved for cases of rape, incest and jeopardy to the mother’s health, was agreed to in both houses.

So now we sit in the midst of a meaningful government shutdown. A showdown of those who support citizens versus those who support illegals.

I suspect this shutdown will break the record as the longest shutdown. That’s certainly something President Trump would do, just for bragging rights. And he would be warranted, for sure.




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