I’m no Gowdy Fan But His REBUKE of Warren is Priceless

Trey Gowdy let us down in many ways. As we say in the country, “Big hat, no cattle”.

Gowdy’s interrogation in Congressional hearings was masterful. However, nothing ever came of it.

He offered lots of reasons, and likely legit on the surface. But you can’t open a can of worms, then not bait the hook and catch some fish.

So I’m glad Gowdy is gone, and I wish him success in his new venture. But apparently not everybody does.

Senator Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren attacked Gowdy on his future plans. And in her attack she accused the former chairman of the House Oversight Committee of “illegal” activity in joining the law and lobbying firm.

.@TGowdySC foamed at the mouth with power in Congress, then retired because he claimed he didn’t enjoy it. Now it’s clear: Trey Gowdy just wanted a fat lobbyist paycheck. That should be illegal. https://t.co/mxnxaufvgU

Warren then followed up, asking for a lifetime ban on lobbying, again implying that Gowdy was lobbying.

We need a lifetime ban on lobbying for members of Congress. And fix the swiss cheese def of “lobbying” so anyone who gets paid to influence Washington has to register. Public service shouldn’t be a launching pad for guys like @TGowdySC & @JoeLieberman to enrich themselves.

I suggest a lifetime ban one “identity theft”, particularly on Senators stealing ethnic identities. Gowdy had a different response. And it was very clever.

Gowdy blasted the senator for questioning his integrity in a scathing rebuke on Twitter.

.@ewarren “I’m not lobbying. Not now. Or ever. Perhaps you were cracking open a beer when that was announced,” he tweeted, . Don’t mind your criticisms. Just be more sensitive to facts.

Gowdy was referring to Warren’s infamous Instagram Live video in which she drank from a bottle of beer while talking to her followers.

Here is the video below:

Talk about a publicity stunt. But it backfired. As CBS wrote:

On New Year’s Eve, Sen. Elizabeth Warren announced she’s running for president in 2020 – then drank a beer on Instagram Live. Her video received mixed reactions.

As I point out in the graphic, look at the ratio of positive (288) to negative (1300+) responses. That’s horrible news for Warren, as 4.5 to 1 people don’t buy her “every day woman” routine.

Evidently, almost everybody saw this stunt for what it was. I discussed it on my radio show, pointing out the humorous side of this stunt.


How could Warren possibly think this would make voters believe she’s one of us? It goes to show you how delusional the Left are, and the depths to which they will sink.

Congratulations to Gowdy for ending his Congressional career on a high note.


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