Another BS Russian-Conspiracy Story Debunked

Soon Democrats will tell us that Donald Trump’s past is fabricated. They will claim his birth certificate is fake, as well as his social security number.

Because if you believe the nonsense the Left has tried against Trump, you might actually hearken back to the era of the black president, Baby Black Jesus and all the “conspiracies” circulating at the time.

Wearing our tin-foil Obama hats, we realize that Trump’s fake father is the real-estate mogul, Fred Trump. However, our conspiracy tells us that Trump’s real father is a radical Russian Leftist who boinked his mother while taking nude photos of her.

Let’s ignore the obvious reality of Donald Trump being a self-made billionaire, and astute businessman. Further, we can suspend common sense for a bit and jump inside the head of the brain-dead moronic Left. So we must ask ourselves how many ties to the Russians does Trump now not have? We are entering Fast and Furious remakes territory for sure.

And yet another Russian-collusion and Russian conspirator bites the dust.

According to Fox News:

Anastasia Vashukevich, who spent months in a Thai jail last year for organizing sex training seminars, grabbed headlines after saying she has evidence that Russia worked with Trump’s campaign.

After two years, Robert “I’m Hillary’s Bitch” Mueller certainly presented no evidence on this. And this has Russian written all over it.

A clue? There is that name, Vashukevich. I’m not cunning linguist, but I do believe that name is as Russian as Boris and Natasha. So…CHECK ONE!

Next, the Russian in question is said to have asked the U.S. government to secure her freedom from the Thai lockup and grant her political asylum in exchange for recordings.

And we know how the media loves recordings of anything involving Trump. So…CHECK TWO!

Like the Billy Bush recording where Trump declared that billionaires can grab some women by the p*ssy with indemnity! Who knew that statement would shake the foundation of Leftists’ sensibilities?!

Here I thought Harvey Weinstein screwing half the Hollywood starlets might do it. Or Kevin Spacey screwing half the boys? Was I mistaken or what. It took Trump stating a rhetorical truth that sent Leftists over the edge?

What was in those supposed tapes of Vashukevich?

Well, according to sources (I just threw that in there) she said Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska is heard talking about interfering in the U.S. presidential elections. She reportedly worked as an escort, with Deripaska being one of her clients.

So far, no Trump. But let’s stick with this, as it now involves even more Russians.

Wait, there’s nothing else to learn, because Vashukevich the model-turned-prostitute changed her story. It seems even Russians know how to use a “get out of jail free” card.

Thus, Vashukevich invoked the magic words: Trump and tape. {conjunction added for your literary pleasure}

Vashukevich says lying saved her life while she was detained in Thailand.

“I think it saved my life, how can I regret it? If journalists had not come at that time and that story had not come to the newspapers, maybe I would die [be dead by] now,” she told CNN.

Vashukevich will make a fantastic Democrat. Because Democrats lie to save their asses all the time.

Sadly for Democrats, yet another Russian saga ends in despair as far as tightening the noose around Trump’s balls.

No smoking gun. No impeachment. Just more of the same, and a likely look at the Mueller report. That report will be the laughing stock of Twitter, once Trump and team get their hands on that p*ssy!

Looks like the idea that Trump isn’t a legit president took another kick in the crotch. And perhaps his past isn’t what Leftists claim it to be? Let’s see where the next episode of Free the Russian takes us, before we let Trump off the hook.

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