Mueller Report WILL CLEAR President Trump of Russian Collusion

Brace for it. Donald Trump didn’t collude with the Russians. And you knew this already, if you possess even an iota of common sense.

Since Democrats possess no common sense, allow me to explain it to them as if they are 2nd-graders.

Mueller is a Leftist political hack, ergo a Democrat swamp rat. He was illegally put on an investigation that will torpedo the Democratic Party once the already revealed truth is finally acknowledge.

Next, Mueller stacked his entire team with Hillary Clinton-supporting political vermin. That team was charged with creating a case against Donald Trump. And they spend over $25 million and a lot of time trying to do so.

During the two years of this sham investigation, there have been absolutely no leaks alluding to Trump’s guilt. None.

Using my super powers of common sense, I declare there were no leaks because Trump did nothing wrong.

However, for those without super powers of common sense there have still been plenty of opportunities for reasonable people to conclude that Trump did absolutely nothing wrong.

Now you can chalk this up to Trump having as loud a megaphone against the media than most. Or you can chalk this up to the fact that even with all the Left’s firepower they struck out.

Thus, according to The Daily Caller:

University of California, Berkeley law professor and former Deputy Assistant Attorney General John Yoo predicted Monday that the upcoming Mueller report will likely “clear” President Donald Trump of any violations of federal law.

Yoo’s analysis came during a larger conversation with Fox News anchor Sandra Smith about whether or not the report will or should be made public.

Responding to Smith’s question about the report being released, Yoo expressed his hope that it would while adding that whether the report legally has to be released is another question.

“I think Congressman Schiff is free to issue as many subpoenas as he likes but I think he is mistaken if he thinks he understands Attorney General Bill Barr,” said Yoo. “Bill Barr is put there to defend the institution of the Justice Department and the Justice Department doesn’t have a legal obligation to release the Mueller report in public.”

As I said on my radio show, Schiff doesn’t want this report released in its entirety. And he will see to it that doesn’t happen.

Schiff pretends to ask for what he never wants to see happen. Because the entire report will show where Mueller didn’t investigate, i.e. the obvious areas.

The Clinton Foundation, the Podestas, even Mueller need investigating. Eventually it will happen. Until then, Democrats continue the ruse.

To keep up appearance, Schiff’s minions step in.

As Schiff pulls a “Jussie Smollett” with the Mueller report, operatives of Schiff will soon declare that releasing the full support will be a matter of “national security”. Schiff will pretend to fight against these shills, then capitulate.

At some point Schiff will pretend to agree that perhaps releasing the report is a bad idea given the “grave” national security implications. But that’s his game.

Ultimately, Schiff wants America to believe that without the full report, we can’t fully exonerate Donald Trump. After all, Trump did fire Comey! So in the end, America will never truly know what happened with the “Russian collusion”.

Yet ironically, we don’t need the report to know that Democrats tried a coup. And now they’ve concoct these elaborate games to cover their crimes.

Democrats are so infected with “Swamp Rat Fever”, they can’t even see their desperation. They look like rabid animals looking for something to needlessly attack. In the old days perhaps the media could cover for them. However, with President Trump’s exposure of the “Jussie Smollett” media, Democrats rightly lack credibility.

That won’t change for quite some time, as the conveyor belts of Leftism continue to crank out imbeciles. Nevertheless, if anybody has done his part to throw a wrench in the works, it’s Donald Trump. So the next decade will not be good for Leftists.

And once this report clears Trump, he will go completely on offense.


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