Transgender Get SPANKED by Supreme Court in this Fight


I don’t know about you, but all I care about with the military is readiness. The ability to fight.

But under Leftism and specifically America’s first LGBTQ president, our military was sissified. Thankfully those days are over, as sanity entered the White House.

Thus, President Trump begins undoing all the nonsensical changes in the military begun by his predecessor. And one such undo involves the transgender.

According to The Daily Caller:

The Supreme Court announced Tuesday that it will allow President Donald Trump to temporarily enforce restrictions on transgender individuals serving in the military.

As is typical of orders of this nature, the Court gave no reason for its decision, though Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan noted their dissent.

And Chief Justice Roberts says we don’t have a polarized court?

What could these Leftist jurist dissent on? That the military shouldn’t make decisions based on the sexuality of personnel. 

While these justices will say their dissent was about the ban on transgender persons joining the military, the real reason is deeper. More later.

The Trump administration first petitioned the Supreme Court to decide directly on the legality of the trans-soldiers ban, after federal trial judges in California, Washington, D.C., and Washington state issued orders prohibiting its enforcement. The plaintiffs in those lawsuits argue the policy violates a range of constitutional rights including the First Amendment, equal protection, and due process.

The government said the Court’s intervention was necessary because the lower court decision “require the military to maintain a policy that, in its own professional judgment, risks undermining readiness, disrupting unit cohesion, and weakening military effectiveness and lethality.”

The way you enter the military, gender-speaking, should be the way you leave. It is not the role of the taxpayer to transform military personnel into anything except fighting machines. But this issue centers around transgender entering, right.

The notion that we are discussing this is incredible. Certainly few will deny Trump inherited this mess.

One would think even LGBTQ Obama would understand that issues like these have no bearing in the military.

The military is not the place for persons trying to figure things out from a gender perspective. If you are Jimmy, but you want to be Jane, I suggest you have an issue akin to a schizophrenic. And though I’m not sure of the military’s stance on schizophrenia, I don’t want them in the military that protects me. So there.

Oh, I know all the arguments. The trans community can do anything anybody else can do, etc. I don’t doubt that. But there are certain roles in a country that shouldn’t need to live by the social justice rules of society. And if anybody should be able to behave like Hollywood, it’s the military.

Like Hollywood, the military can and should discriminate. I know that a small handful of transgender persons may feel violated or discriminated against. But that’s just too bad. Like Hollywood can let gays play NOT Gays, or women play men, or whites play blacks, the military can pick and choose as well.

So for Trump’s military, boys will be boys and girls will be girls. And that’s keeping things simple.

Understand, the Left will declare President Trump “homophobic” or anti-LGBTQ, at least as far as the “T’s” are concerned. The good news is he won’t care what they think. An issue impacting less than one percent of the population should not be something the military has to deal with.

Also, I hope he pulls that fat contract to train the military on how to deal with LGBTQ issues from whatever Obama supporter got it. Because that’s all this nonsense was about. Political payback to some fat cat fundraiser who made millions teaching the military nothing it needs in the service of this country.

So kudos to President Trump for bringing sanity back into the military. And thanks to the SCOTUS for making the right decision in this case.

If the transgender population wants to tackle beauty contests, I’m all for it. But leave the military alone.

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