Devastated Teacher Forced to Take Down Kaepernick

It’s bad enough knowing leftism infects our universities like the plague. But it’s worse when even younger students are subject to indoctrination by the very people tasked with teaching them critical thinking skills.

Yet, that’s exactly what continues to happen across the country. Teachers abuse their powers, insinuating leftism is “correct thinking” instead of just one viewpoint. Meanwhile, students with opposing views are labeled bullies, haters, or even ignorant.

Take for instance the Covington situation. Before any facts were gathered, the kid in the MAGA hat was villainized. Once the facts poured out, the student found himself forced to get a lawyer just to obtain well-deserved retractions. No one went online profusely apologizing. The mainstream media didn’t want to accept the reversed narrative. Thus, the man creating unnecessary drama was let off the hook.

Leftists repeatedly dress up their narrative as a quest for equal treatment. Consider another example: the #MeToo movement. On the surface, #MeToo bills itself as the desire for women to be respected. Yet, over and over, these women are vile creatures subjecting men to hatred and lies. Or, as Roseanne Barr recently explained, they just act like a bunch of hos.

This pattern repeats in every aspect of leftism. Liberals claim to be the loving and tolerant left, while spewing hate and intolerance all their own. And when it comes to Colin Kaepernick, the leftist hypocrisy shines like the Tiffany diamond.

Kaepernick’s Claim to Fame

At one point, Kaepernick showed promise as a talented athlete. But the NFL is a tough place to be, and eventually he was outplayed by many others. As Kaepernick felt his career slipping away, he realized he needed to become a national hero.

You see, when you are at the end of a crappy career in sports like Colin Kaepernick, you need to know what you will do next. Some look to becoming commentators. Others start philanthropic endeavors. Still others look to use their time in the NFL as a bridge to a new career. But for some, race-pimping is a good alternative.

Recall, Colin Kaepernick garnered all this attention when he decided to sit in protest during the national anthem for a pre-season game. His reasoning?

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

Of course, Kaepernick pretends to know something about police brutality, but he can’t fool us.

Kaepernick is oblivious to oppression.

Kaepernick’s adoptive parents created a loving family in an upperclass, white neighborhood. Kaepernick had every opportunity, deserved or not. Which is why his so-called protest fell flat. There’s nothing authentic in Kaepernick’s voice, and Americans didn’t appreciate his lack of appreciation for a country that afforded him millions to play a game for a pretty comfy living. Thus, his efforts backfired.

Kaepernick was kicked out of the NFL and still can’t find a job. But instead of addressing the many ways Kaepernick let down the black community, one teacher decided he’s a hero, after all.

Enter Alissa Perry

Perry is a high school teacher at Port Charlotte High School in Florida. Sadly, she decided Kaepernick was a worthy role model for Black History Month. Not surprisingly, her community disagreed.

Perhaps the community understands Kaepernick’s hatred of police is misplaced, especially coming from a boy raised on the “right” side of the tracks.

People Magazine elaborates:

The video, originally uploaded by student Jaidyn Etheart, quickly went viral and was viewed more than 2 million times as of Friday afternoon.

“Just outrageous. This is Alissa Perry… fighting back tears, after officials at her school and in her district made her take down her Black History Month door cover of Colin Kaepernick because it ‘was offensive’ to some students,” activist Shaun King, 39, wrote on Twitter.

“It’s literally just art of Colin Kaepernick,” King continued. “They don’t just want to ban @kaepernick7 from the @NFL, they want to make him untouchable in American schools. It’s disgusting.”

The idea that removing Kaepernick is an act of racism is beyond laughable. How ’bout removing him as an act of decency.

Why not Kaepernick?

I could give at least 20 reasons why Colin Kaepernick is a terrible role model. First, he blatantly disrespected his country. Liberals argue Kaepernick exercised free speech. Well, yes, he does have the right to say whatever he chooses. And coached have the right not to choose him to represent them.

Then, Kaepernick chose to kneel, as opposed to getting out in the run down neighborhoods and making a difference. Further, I doubt he’s done anything charitable since leaving the NFL, unless you count the time Kaepernick donated clothes to prisoners in hopes of drumming up publicity. Clearly, Kaepernick doesn’t have a job, so tell me again why he’s not out there working for all these victims he supposedly advocated for?

I could go on, but let’s just cut to the chase. No teacher should use Kaepernick as a model to celebrate Black History.

If we’re looking for black role models, let’s examine the lives of Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas, or Condoleezza Rice. Unfortunately, they’re all conservatives. Therefore, they’re ignored while liberals bow down to losers like Colin Kaepernick. But the truly tragic piece of this story is the fact that a person responsible for weaving knowledge through a generation doesn’t hold herself to a higher standard.


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