President Trump WARNS Joe Biden

President Trump has a knack for the obvious. And he also knows how to trigger Leftists.

In their defense, Leftists are easy to trigger. Trained to react to dog-whistles, Leftists respond on cue to things like Trump’s successes or calls of racism for example.

And while Trump triggers them often with his successes both foreign and domestic, the real triggers come with Trump tweets.

For example, President Trump on Monday blasted Joe Biden as “another low I.Q. individual”. Trump taunted the former vice president for getting “tongue tied” about whether he will launch a 2020 White House bid.

The president tweeted:

“Joe Biden got tongue tied over the weekend when he was unable to properly deliver a very simple line about his decision to run for President. Get used to it, another low I.Q. individual!” 

While getting on the president’s radar can be good for some, Biden shouldn’t celebrate just yet. After all, Trump blasted O’Rourke recently, and he certainly doesn’t see him as a real candidate.

Sometimes the president just decides to fight down.

Generally, you don’t fight down in politics. It gives too much attention to the loser. However as we’ve learned, Trump is unconventional. So he’s willing to give a beat-down to somebody everybody knows he can beat. Such is the case with Biden.

Trump’s tweet was a warning.

Unlike former presidential candidate embarrassments McCain or Romney, Trump plays to win. He exposes his opponents’ weaknesses in most glaring fashion, as 16 other Republican candidates discovered. Ultimately, Hillary Clinton and team realized the same fate.

So Biden may have an easy go with his potential Democrat opponents. However, Trump waits not in the shadows, but in the open. For Trump, there is no need to hide.

Consider what Trump defeated to win against crooked Hillary Clinton.

Trump beat the Obama administration, Hollywood, the entirety of the Democrat machine, the Republican machine, and the media.

Think “low IQ” Joe Biden worries Trump?

As I pondered this new name for Biden, I thought back on what the Left stop questioning about Trump. A Wharton grad, it’s difficult to call Trump dumb. While the Left demands to see Trump’s taxes, they never demanded to see his grades. Not that they mattered, given Trump’s success in business. But one can bet that if Trump were dumb, the Left would have doubled-down on that notion. Yet…nothing.

So Trump calling Biden “low IQ” signifies his strategy. He will define Biden as dumb, because as I and Trump know, Biden is indeed dumb.

Ironically, Obama chose Biden because he is dumb.

And if you noted the use of the pronoun “he” and wonder whether I’m speaking of Obama or Biden as dumb, you get my meaning. BOTH of these clowns are dumb, thus the perfect Democratic Party ticket in 2008.

Nothing has changed. The amazing cast of Leftist misfits showcases the major problems for Democrats. Daily their party continues in freefall to it ultimate doom.

They need a savior who won’t come. Almost weekly a new Democrat declares. The media tries to hype the candidate, only to watch the inevitable “crash and burn”.

Robert O’Rourke likes to run over kids. Kamala Harris’ family owned slaves, and she likes to sleep her way to success. Elizabeth Warren recently chastised the Hollywood academic cheating scandal. Do I really need to comment more on her?

Cory Booker suddenly announced a new girlfriend, in his attempt to be a “Hollywood” president. Oh, and to dispel rumors that he may be gay. Memo to Cory: just because you have a girlfriend doesn’t mean you’re not bisexual or on the down-low.

I’m not sure what Trump has on Biden, except the obvious: Biden’s record.

But Trump won’t let Biden or the world forget that Biden is “low IQ”. I suggest Biden consider his “legacy”, albeit fragile. Because if anybody will leave a mark on Biden’s butt, it’s Trump with the nicknames.


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