House Oversight Committee Subpoenas Trump’s ACCOUNTANT!

Talk about overreach. Democrats are killing themselves. Truly, it’s “suicide” by Trump for these hapless clowns.

While America definitely spoke on November 8, 2016 saying “We don’t care about Trump’s taxes!”,  Democrats believe taxes will be their 2020 rally cry.

Interestingly, Democrats seem to have abandoned the notion of “Russian interference”. Rightfully so, since that worm now turned against the Trump coup plotters. In order to take America’s mind off the impending doom of the Democratic Party, Democrats target Trump’s accountant:

According the Fox News,

The chairman of the House Oversight Committee said Friday he intends to subpoena President Donald Trump’s accountant for his financial records.

Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., told committee members in a letter that Mazars USA wouldn’t turn over records for Trump, his company and related entities without a subpoena.

Cummings said he expected to issue the subpoena Monday for statements of financial condition, independent auditor’s reports, annual statements and other documents spanning from 2011 to 2018.

Mazars said it “will respect the legal process and fully comply with its legal obligations.” The firm said it does not comment to the media about its work for clients.

Do the Democrats not remember what happened to Trump’s former attorney?

These people raided Michael Cohen’s office, confiscating all his materials. Next, they paraded him around like he was the fresh meat in prison. At the end of their shenanigans, Cohen actually made Trump look even better. Democrats got nothing from the man who knew Trump more intimately than Melania!

Clearly Democrats bet their fortunes on “rinse and repeat” flawed strategies. Going after Trump’s accountant showcases that lunacy, particularly in light of Cohen. If anybody should have the goods on his client, it’s his attorney.

Unlike Obama, Trump has been pretty much an open book. We know Obama is stupid because he won’t show his grades. We know Trump is brilliant because the Democrats won’t show his grades.

Further, you can bet Democrats look up every crevice of Trump’s history. And while they claim to want his taxes, in truth they don’t. Democrats like the “suspense” in not knowing Trump’s taxes. Because like Rachel Maddow’s tragic show where she revealed Trump’s taxes, Democrats will get very bad news if Trump gave them what they want.

Trump’s taxes, impeachment Russian collusion, a tainted FBI, and who knows what else. But to bet on Trump’s accountant showcases pure folly. Frankly, I can’t wait to see this play out.

I suggest Republicans start subpoenaing Democrats tax records. Let’s make it a free-for-all. Because I would be curious how Nancy Pelosi earned millions with her Speaker salary.


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