Trump Language Post-Mueller Probe Speaks Volumes


President Donald Trump upped the rhetoric to DefCon1 after the Mueller released his report.

Previously the president called the Mueller investigation on potential Russian collusion with his campaign a witch hunt. But now he adds a new term.

Attempted coup.

According to The Daily Mail:

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that Justice Department officials who organized and conducted Special Counsel Robert MueBl ller’s (sic) ‘illegal’ 22-month probe into Russian election interference were trying to seize the reins of the U.S. government from him.

‘This was an attempted coup. An attempt to take down the president. And we beat them,’ he told reporters as he left the White House for a Texas fundraiser.

‘This was an attempted coup. This was an attempt to take down of the president. And we beat them,’ Trump said Wednesday.

‘I knew how illegal this whole thing was. It was a scam,’ he said, suggesting that the political pendulum will soon swing in the opposite direction.

Harsh words from the man whose words have a way of becoming truth.

Recall Trump calling out dangerous Mexicans and terrorists. Many in political circles thought those comments doomed Trump’s potential to win the presidency. But as we now know, speaking the truth about these issues endeared Trump to the masses. Not to mention, despite the Left’s attempt to make Trump a liar, his word most often ring true.

What’s next? A world of hurt for the Democrats, that’s what.

AG Barr gains full authority to investigate why Mueller spent 22 months and over $30 million to determine what both Republicans and Democrats knew. Further, Mueller knows that Democrats stacked the deck against Trump, yet came up empty.

To quote the lyrics to Doe-Ray-Me.

“And this brings us back to DOE!”

So let’s begin at the beginning. The Steele Dossier.

At this point America knows this dossier was tainted. It never should have been used as “evidence” in any manner. Yet it was. How did that occur?

Digging into this matter opens up a can of worms or whoop-ass, depending on what side of this issue you sit.

I asked on my radio show, imagine how deep a new Special Counsel can investigate, given the latitude given to Mueller? And this next investigator will have the truth on his side.

Unlike Mueller, the next Special Counsel won’t make useless indictments against Russian ghosts or Swedish businessmen. Instead, he follows an easily seen trail of bread crumbs. Those bread crumbs lead right back to the president who claims to have had no scandals during his administration.

While Leftists want us to believe that we have the culprit with the indictment of Greg Craig. Obama’s former White House counsel represents a patsy. Craig is willing to take the fall on a charge similar to Manafort’s. Democrats hope that throwing a sacrifice to the lions in the gladiator pit suffices.

So now we wait. We wait on the first real domino to fall.

I was asked on a friend’s radio show who I thought it might be. I answered that it depends on where the Democrats begin in the food chain. What will their calculus be?

If they attempt to sacrifice a lackey like Peter Strzok, I predict that won’t be good enough. Further, they run the risk of a Strzok running his mouth. McCabe has already indicated that he won’t go down alone. I suggest McCabe hire a food-taster, and his wife have good life insurance.

The logical choice is Comey. But how can Democrats serve up a man who was supposedly beyond reproach? Remember how many Democrats vouched for his honesty? How many more used Trump’s firing of Comey as reason for their attempted coup.

They have another problem with Comey. He’s a total p*ssy. Keep in mind that Comey feared Loretta Lynch. So how will this punk ass fare in prison? I think we know the answer.

Here’s a guarantee. When the first swamp rat cracks, the rest will be much easier.

Back to the attempted coup.

The fact the president ratcheted up the language, using attempted coup is huge. He warned the Left that he understands what they tried. Further, he won’t back down from calling this what it is.

Watch his tweets over the remainder of the year. Clearly he plans to keep the rhetoric high. And I will guarantee you that he won’t back down until he gets quite a few heads in the trophy room.


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