Behind Scene: Democrats DEVASTATED by the Mueller Report

Why do we allow Democrats to play games? They got what they wanted in their witch hunt. And when it didn’t go their way, they pretend their witch hunt was tainted.

How is that even possible?

No, I’m not talking about the investigation not going their way, though the question fits. I’m asking, “How is it possible for these braindead morons to not know this investigation would end up with Trump being declared innocent?!”

Wait, I answered my own question. After all, when it comes to Democrats we are dealing with braindead morons. Idiots incapable of playing out their scenarios to the bitter end.

Take the election of Barack Obama for example. Anybody voting for him fits the description of a braindead moron, no matter what side of the aisle you’re on. If you are a “conservative” who voted for Obama, you guilted yourself into doing so. Likely you held some insane notion that Obama would be transcendental, and your vote would erase racism in America.

Sadly, you voted in one of the worst racists in American history.

If you’re a Leftist and voted for Obama, you fell for the “hope and change” progressive nonsense. You knew that clown wasn’t qualified to manage a Denny’s. Yet you persuaded yourself that a man who wouldn’t show his grades–at ANY level–was the smartest guy in the world.

The outcome, 1080 lost Democrat seats in all levels of government. And worse yet as far as Leftists are concerned, Obama begat President Donald Trump. But it can and will get worse for Democrats, because Obama begat something else: the Mueller Report.

The man who declared he had no scandals in his administration will eat those words.

Because as everybody in America knows, Obama was the tip of the “assegai”–that’s African spear for those wondering. In other words, the buck on this con job will end on Obama’s desk.

Not Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler or any other Democrat buffoon believes the Russians significantly interfered with our election. Nor do these asswipes believe Trump is guilty of anything. What we see with their shenanigans is “cover your ass” as the most frantic level.

Democrats still believe Alinsky. Tell the lie over and over and eventually that works. With past Republicans, they were right. But Democrats should have burned that book long ago or at least considered the tactics could be used against them.

Donald Trump is impervious to their attacks. And he doesn’t need the title of “president” to kick the sh*t out of the lot of them. Don’t believe me, just refer to November 8, 2016 for reference.

But now Trump has the power of the presidency. And while that power encumbers him to a degree, it also empowers him to a much greater degree. No longer is DC completely infested with swamp rats. Now President Trump places his own people in office.

Fish gotta swim; Democrats must denigrate.

Democrats considered the appointment of AG Barr a Trump “plant”. A Bush administration appointee is hardly a Trump fanatic. But Democrats need spin. Nevertheless, their problems worsen.

Democrats hand-picked Special Counsel Mueller. Then they gave him 100 percent latitude. They dared President Trump to fire him. If he did fire Mueller, Democrats would have claimed “obstruction of justice” much sooner.

Trump didn’t take the bait. So Mueller finished his report, dooming the Democrats. Now, Democrats want Mueller’s head on their trophy wall. They will say the same too of Comey, once he turns state’s evidence, and put this farce to bed completely.

Until then, let’s hope Barr appears before Congress. Because to paraphrase a scene from The Firm, Democrats are “gonna feel like they’ve been f*cked with an elephant’s d*ck”.


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