Poll: All But 5 Democrats can beat Trump

The fake news and their pollsters provide good fodder for us. And according to the latest, all but 5 of the Democrats can beat President Trump.

Apparently the media still thinks we give a sh*t about their opinions? Because as I’ve said on my radio show many times, the Democrat who can beat Trump HASN’T BEEN BORN!

Nevertheless, here’s what The Daily Mail reported about the latest fake news polls:

Former Texas Representative Beto O’Rourke emerged in a new poll as the most likely to beat President Donald Trump if he were to win the Democratic nomination in 2020.

In a new CNN/SSRS poll released Thursday, 52 per cent of registered voters said they would vote for O’Rourke if he was running against Trump in the general elections.

Former Vice President Joe Biden and Independent Senator Bernie Sanders came in a close second and third with 51 and 50 per cent, respectively.

Of the six Democratic candidates the surveyed polled about, five earned more per cent of respondents’ vote than Trump.

Fourty[sic]-seven per cent of registered voters said they would vote for Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren if she were up against Trump in 2020, and 48 per cent said they would vote for the incumbent president.

Of the 1,007 registered voters interviewed for the poll, 33 per cent described themselves as Democrats, 26 per cent are Republican and 41 per cent say they identify as independent or part of another political party.

Results of the pull have a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.8 percentage points.

And if you haven’t realized this story as an O’Rourke “puff piece”, here’s a bit more evidence.

The article continues,

O’Rourke gained name recognition in the 2018 midterms when he attempted to unseat Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz.

Despite earning celebrity endorsements, including from singer Beyonce Knowles, and national new coverage, O’Rourke was unsuccessful in his run against Cruz.

So let’s look at the bread crumbs.

Trump beat Cruz…badly. Cruz beat O’Rourke. But this poll has Robert “I fed my wife a sh*t sandwich” O’Rourke beating Trump?

And what of the poll itself. Does anybody really believe that a former rocker-turned-hacker, professional grifter is the front-runner for the Democrats in any poll?

Things are obviously going poorly for the O’Rourke campaign to pay for this obviously fake poll. Or perhaps he’s using the Clinton polling company?

O’Rourke pulled people in from Obama’s former campaign team, after firing his top staffers from his failed senate race. But they can’t help him. O’Rourke now seems more like a watered-down Ocasio-Cortez, and that’s not good.


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