Biden ADMITS He Faked Being ‘Nice to the Negro’

Joe Biden made the mold for racist Democrats, a product of his party leadership during his umpteen years as a Democrat political dinosaur.

Breitbart uncovered some of what Biden said during his political career that is offensive on multiple levels.

In the recording below, Biden speaks of blacks as pets.

He explains that he knows what the Negro needs.

Prior to joining Baby Black Jesus as a running mate, Biden made a deal-breaker comment for any Republican.

Auditioning for “first black VP”, Biden discussed black people in his town as if they lived on Mars:

Partial transcript:

I spent last summer going through the black sections of my town holding rallies in parks.

Trying to get black men to understand, it’s not unmanly to wear a condom. Getting women to understand they can say, “No”. Getting people in the position where testing matters.

I got tested for AIDS, I know Barack got tested for AIDS, there’s no shame for being tested for AIDS.

The black sections of my town?

Can blacks live anywhere else in Biden’s town? You know this clown held no rallies in “his town.” What Biden did was audition for VP, showing abject stupidity.

Obama took note and hired the dumbest white guy he could find. A man who has so little respect for blacks, he doesn’t realize when he insults them.

But let’s go back to Biden’s politically formative years.

A 1972 newspaper clipping from the Delaware News-Journal, quoted Biden eulogizing his deceased wife by saying she was not a “phony liberal” like himself who went out of his way to “be nice to a minority.”

The News Journal Fri Dec 22… by on Scribd

Let’s see how Leftists try to justify this.

Biden has a worse track record on race than fellow racist Hillary Clinton. I suspect that many Democrats know that racism is but one skeleton in Biden’s closet.


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