Biden’s CREEPY TWEET to Obama on Best Friend’s Day

I told you Biden is creepy. Look at what he did on “Best Friend’s Day.”

He tweeted this message to Barack Obama.

How creepy is this?

For the people who dismissed Biden’s public sexual abuse of women, I give you new evidence. Look at what he’s doing to the chick Barack Obama!

This tweet is bad on so many levels.

First, Biden lived a lot of years, and it wasn’t until sometime between 2008 and 2019 he found his best friend?

I know the relationship between President and VP can be close, but these two remind me of the relationship between the Clintons. They tolerated each other.

It’s entirely possible these two are best friends, however. Because regular people can’t stand either one of these two clowns. Both are perennial blowhards disrespected by friends and family.

I’ve asked many Democrats if they know how many of Obama’s family members attended his inauguration. I know his mother and grandparents were dead. But what about sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, and so on? What about non-political friends from high school or college? I think you get my point.

Second, look at this graphic Biden tweeted. What is this, Jr. High?

“Will you be my boyfriend, Barack?!”

I actually grabbed a screenshot, because I figure this won’t be up too long.

Notice my tweet response:

LOL. The “best friend” who won’t ENDORSE YOU!

I’d check to see how Bernie Sanders feels first. It might be “It’s HIS Time!”


As for social media responses, they were predictable.

Ezra Levant of Rebel Media tweeted:

He still won’t love you.

Jen Again put what Biden did in proper perspective, tweeting:

This was hilarious and adorable when you were the VP. Now … it reads as the guy who thinks he’s totally BFFs with some cool dude he runs into in the elevator because they said hi to each other that one time.

David Axlerod seemed unsure of Biden’s tweet:

This is a joke, right?

NeverTrump loser Bill Kristol responded.

‘Fraid not.

Despite Kristol’s response, if Biden gets the Democrats’ nomination, Kristol will still vote for him!

C. M. Smith appears to pray that a staffer did it, and not creepy Joe.

Matt Blakely hammers Biden in his tweet:

For someone who’s already being accused of coasting on @BarackObama’a presidency, this is a terrible look—especially right after his debacle. They’ve been downhill since the launch

Roger Langdon implies that Biden might be fishing for that elusive Obama support, tweeting:

Now will you endorse me?

Check yes or no

The second-grader “Check yes or no” didn’t go unnoticed by me.

Finally, a Trump supporter, DeplorableDorothy, nailed it, tweeting:

No, it’s called desperation.



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