Fake Trump Dossier Author Steele to Meet with Barr Investigators

Democrats got really bad news involving the “con job” known as RussiaGate.

Unlike the previous Attorneys General who worked for and in the most crooked administration in American history, AG Barr believes in truth and justice.

So, according to The Daily Caller, Barr and team target the epicenter of the attempted coup against Donald Trump.

Former British spy Christopher Steele has agreed to meet in London with U.S. officials regarding the dossier, The Times of London is reporting.

A source close to Steele told the newspaper he plans to meet with American authorities within the next several weeks, but only about his interactions with the FBI and only with the approval of the British government.

Who cares what other interactions this anti-Trump limey had? It’s his interactions with the FBI that matters most.

Not long ago Steele refused to meet with U.S. investigators regarding his now completely debunked report.

The article explains,

Reuters reported in May that Steele was unwilling to meet with a federal prosecutor who Attorney General William Barr tapped to lead an investigation into the origins of the Russia probe. And Politico reported on April 17 that Steele was refusing to meet with the Justice Department’s office of the inspector general, which is looking into the FBI’s use of the dossier to obtain surveillance warrants against Carter Page, a Trump campaign adviser.

So why the change of heart?

I can hear it now from Democrats. OBSTRUCTION!

I’m betting President Trump told the Brits to make Steele available. Because Trump will use trade as a carrot to get these governments to work with us.

Democrats have demanded to “get to the bottom” of this. Well now they get their wish. And if my theory is correct, Democrats are being set up. Because Trump knows more than most of them know now. And I suspect he’s baiting the Left.

I believe Trump now toys with Leftists. He allows them to get more ingrained in their dogma. Then he springs the trap.

The trap is the information that Steele gives will likely blow the lid off this entire Russian collusion bullsh*t. It will confirm what we already know: the Democrats paid for a dossier so badly proven that Barney Fife would have seen through the ruse. Yet, Crooked Comey’s FBI used it.

Barr will soon have Steele on the record. And this won’t be good for Democrats.



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